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Just now, badlands said:

A much bigger problem than the 'one and done' are the long time active and inactive cachers who have hundreds or even thousands of hides without demonstrating the ability and/or desire to maintain them.

Absolutely correct :)

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Groundspeak does advocate for cachers to find around 100 caches before hiding a geocache.  See here.


A good way to gain experience is by finding more geocaches.  Finding about a hundred geocaches before your first hide will help you figure out what you like and don't like, and gather some great ideas.

It's just not a rule.


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On 10/17/2010 at 9:30 AM, JohnnyVegas said:

I reported the cache I was attacked by several locals for doing so. The cache owner even sent me an e-mail claiming I was picking on her because she had disabled kids. It was not her only illegal. As a result she quit caching. 


Just reading through these old posts. 


People are weird, using her kids as an excuse for her fail.  That's Mom-of-the-Year stuff right there.

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Guidelines are there for a reason.

Sometimes using a sock puppet to report issues or go directly to a reviewer is better as long as you don't tell anyone else your opinion about a questionable cache. I recently reported an issue. Started when a friend of mine knew I report caches told me about an issue with the caches. Come on, don't tell me and then after I report it, rag on me why I did. Caches were disabled, fixed and back up and running. So what was wrong with reporting it?


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