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Ubisoft: Treasure Hunter Institute Closed Beta Invite

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Heya Lynn and welcome to the THI beta!


Treasure Hunter Institute does not have copy protection since it is a free game. It does require an internet connection because it is an online game, frequently updated with new content: cool features, new quests and puzzles, items and places to explore. Also, your progress is saved on our servers so you can pick up where you left off from any computer after having installed the game. Also, you will soon be able to solve quests and puzzles by pairing with one or more players, whether they are your friends or you've just met them on THI!


You will get a great portion of our game for free after the beta. The perks and special content will be acquirable directly from us so there will be no need for other distribution platforms.


I hope this answers your question, don’t hesitate to drop by the official THI Forum if you have more questions.


Have fun treasure hunting!

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Greetings geocachers, long time no talk!

And what better reason to come back to you than to bring awesome news: new content is available!


Basically, we fixed some issues you were kind enough to report, and you’ll also find:

  • New sounds for camera use, measuring tape and other tools
  • Some Treasure Hunts better polished for a smoother experience
  • An improved system for the trophy award
  • Better mini-maps!

Just start the game to get the latest update – and don’t hesitate to use the Feedback button to share your thoughts!


We really hope you will enjoy our efforts providing you with an excellent time in Treasure Hunter Institute.


Have a great week, and happy Saint Nicholas!

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Happy Friday, adventurers!


We are happy to announce that a new version of Treasure Hunter Institute has been prepped and made available just for you, to start off the week end nicely!

Find the updates’ list here:


and download them by simply logging in to the game!


As always, we gladly welcome your feedback and suggestions :)

It’s all about providing you with an experience you love!


Have a great cheery week end, whether indoor or outdoor!

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'Tis the season to be treasure hunting in THI!


Get into the festive spirit thorugh our special Treasure Hunter Institute winter event! Solve the five holiday themed quests to get limited edition rewards and complete the special collection! Explore the game world and enjoy the merry little changes we've made for this special time of the year!


Head on over to our official forums for more information and then jump right into the game!


Season's greetings from the entire THI development team!



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It looks like I am the only having problems with the game. I have downloaded 3 different version's, let it run through the updates, made sure I had the right ports open. Still nothing!! Maybe someone can help me figure this out..

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Hello treasure hunters!


Happy 2011 to all of you – a brand new year has started, and we are here to spread the love and share some news!


- Your crowd is growing quite steadily; your feedback so far has helped us solve many tricky bits and has brought new ideas into play.

We want to thank you, once again, for that!


- Many of you are THI enthusiasts – take it a step further, and be sure to Like our page on Facebook! And keep an eye out for news, activities and special goodies. You never know what’s right around the corner!


- Also, some lovely articles have come to life about THI and the progress of the game so far. You can check one of them here .


We hope you are enjoying the new content, and be sure more is coming!


Have a great week, have fun and see you in game!



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Hello explorers!


Great news, there are more and more of you joining THI’s Beta everyday!


What are the benefits for you?

- We fine tune the game itself, tailoring more accurately to your needs each day;

- You get greater chances to meet other players on the map;

- More quests!

- And especially, better quests!


Thank you again for joining us on this adventure,


Have a great time questing, and don’t forget to like us and check out the game often as we are regularly improving it!





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I have been a beta tester for UbiSoft for years. They are a great company and very reputable. Don't worry about the personal info. Its so that they know the people who are testing are not 10 year old boys looking to hack something :angry:


Same here! The game looks great. Kool idea for sure. Wish I would have jumped on it when I got the email but, I forgot about it until I seen the post here. I own most of Ubi's games with Far Cry 2 being my favorite. Ubi is as reputable as they get!

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Good morning everyone! ;)


Just thought I would share a screenshot from the game, as pictures will always be better than words.

Basically what you are seeing below is my character doing a quest, The Furnace Of The Gods!

You get to see my awesome quad! :P




We have released a new update that fixes the following problems that you have reported to us and also incorporates some of your feedback (like the handbrake):


- Fixed the stuck problem with the containers

- The “remember me” tick-box is now kept and your account information saved

- Improved the character animations

- Added handbrake functionality for vehicles – you can now handbrake with Right Shift

- Added new sounds


And we have introduced new treasure hunts!

Gunpowder: Can you solve the puzzle and the navigation challenge for this geocaching-style quest?

Average Cache: Put your decryption skills to the test in this geocache-like quest.


We are constantly working on making this as interesting and entertaining as possible to all of you, hence our focus on offering a rich content.


Feel free to try them out and share your thoughts!


Have a great day,




Looks like the ATV right out od Far Cry 2!

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Received an invite from ubi to join this beta and after a weeks wait I still haven't received an email for downloading the game :( .


Went to the site and created an account. Received the email inviting me to join. Clicked the link in the email (or you could just go back to the first site where you signed up) and logged in and was able to download the game from there. I didn't get a download link via email.


Downloaded the game last night but haven't installed it yet.

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I am new to Treasure Hunter and I just got my e-mail that I had been accepted. I could not however log in instead I got an message that my account was had not been activated yet. I did log in to complete the quick survey so has something changed? My ubi account name is Patta1230. I look forward to downloading this game and beginning the adventure.



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Hello guys!


Hope you all had a great weekend.


ranccidd - If you still haven't received your email, please give me your Ubi.com username in PM.


Thrak - Let me know how that goes :)


GaDawg64 - You should be able to log into the game now, please let me know if you still have issues.


Have a great week everyone!


See you in THI


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Hello Geocachers,


Obviously it’s warming up out there, and we know you are eager to go enjoy the outdoor; but check out what new things we prepared for you on THI, to have adventuring fun indoor too!

- Life is kicking in! You will find characters around the maps and the camp, having the purpose to help you out: a quest giver that will help you find the brain challenge you need; a shopkeeper serving you any item you might want; and a travel agent easing your navigation between the maps!

- We also prepared thanks to your feedback a new way for you to solve puzzles, through a way friendlier and more structured interface; how does it look to you?

- Finally, we made getting around the map simpler: you can choose to go from one quest to another directly, while keeping the option to walk there!

Those new features are not the only things you will find in Treasure Hunter Institute starting today; as usual, many bugs were fixed, and other improvements soothing navigation and the general game play were done.

We really hope you will enjoy this, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about those changes!

We are avidly looking forward to hearing your comments about the game!

Thank you, have a great week and see you on THI :)

~ Huntinalx

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Greetings fellow adventurers!


My, it has been a great adventure in your company up until now!


Offering you a wide range of puzzles to crack, exploring the wilderness, the thrills of being an adventurer - we loved making that possible for you to enjoy.


Unfortunately it is now time for us to split paths.


~ Treasure Hunter Institute no longer is. ~


We would like to express how much we appreciate the interest you had in the game, the time and care spent in providing us with your feedback, and the overall support you have shown us during this Beta phase.


We hope you enjoyed playing Treasure Hunter Institute as much as we enjoyed crafting it for you;


All the best, and keep your puzzling spirit alive!


On behalf of the entire Treasure Hunter Institute team,




One last thing; we would be really glad if you spared 5 more minutes of your time to fill in this totally anonymous survey, to help us grow for the best.

Cheers :)

PS: If the link doesn’t work, please copy and paste this address in your browser: http://thi-dev.ubi.com/index/survey

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Hey Mick-N-Nick;


Yes unfortunately Treasure Hunter Institute is gone. You were the first people to join our adventure here from Groundspeak, and we really enjoyed building THI with you. You keep a privileged place in the history of this project.


We can only wish you from now on a great journey, and promise you that if THI comes back to life, we will have a way to let you know.


Thank you for your support;



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