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Nine Years, baby!


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Four of my geocaches turn nine years old this month, including Urban Cache: Overdue. They are some of the oldest geocaches in the area and I think they are the oldest ones in Kirkland that are the original containers, in the original spots, with the original names.


I remember when I hid Cul de Cache on October 7, 2010, and thinking how cool it would be to have it around a decade later. We are almost there. Adrian has grown from a four-year-old to teenager. By some miracle, I have not gotten any older.


Happy 10-10-10. If you haven't found my ol' caches, come on down. :)




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Thank you for the kind words. And for yours, Dick. Heh heh.


Wrasto, I'm sure that Overdue IS the first of that genre.


I'm proud of my hides and would like to grow my find count. I see people with 20,000+ finds and it blows my mind. There were not even 9,000 geocaches in the WORLD when I hid Cul de Cache. I have to admit that when I do get the urge to go on a hunt, I find that the exponential growth of cache numbers is largely due to microcaches. Back in the day, those were a curiosity, comprising a fraction of a percent of all hides. Today they seem to be the rule and frankly I don't really enjoy them. I am pleased that most of mine are good ol' boxes of treasure and hopefully kids of all ages are having fun finding them.


I need to plan some more caches to hide. Thank you for supporting my old ones! :lol:

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