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Groundspeak for droid phone

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I just purchased a new Verizon Samsung Galaxy phone and was thinking of downloading Groundspeak GPS on it. I read the reviews on the phone and they're very mixed. Any suggestions? This program is $10 and I'm not sure I want to install it if it isn't reliable. :lol:



It's fine- nothing earth-shattering, but a decent app. I bought it mainly to use as a paperless companion to my Garmin, and it's working great for that. Worth 10 bucks, which is pretty cheap when you consider it all. Like any app, it's got it's quirks. Like most things in the world, there's also a lot of folks out there who will hate anything, especially if it's not free and won't fix the bathroom sink as well as find caches.

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I've used the Android Geocaching app to find a handful of geocaches so far on three different outings. So far i've been remarkably impressed with the accuraccy of the GPSr unit in my Motorola Milestone - I'd put it roughly on par with my Oregon 400t, although the maps on the phone are not as good.


One nice feature of the Android Marketplace, is that you get a 24 hour "trial" period on any paid apps. If you decide within 24 hours that you don't like the app, uninstall it and the cost of the app will be refunded.

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The way I see it $10 is a drop on the bucket for the entertainment these people provide for us. The app is far from perfect,but the traditional caches I have used it on it performed very well. I like the way its layed out. The compass is pretty cool and over allpretty accurate. Tied to my Droid X. My only complaint with the app is the inability to load additional waypoints and navigate by compass while doing a multicache. If they were to get that fixed, I think most people would have little to complain about.

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I haven't used the Android app on a regular basis, as one of my GC'ing buddies has it, but I have used it extensively on iPhone. The app is definitely worth the $10. It makes it convenient to find caches on the fly. I use it while I am between jobs at work (i'm a computer tech) and it works really well. One thing I have found though is the reliability of your connection is key. I was on a 2/2 cache today and was having some issues as the maps aren't preloaded on your phone, but streamed over the internet. Just something to keep in mind.



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There are many Android apps available and it will all depend on your type of caching as to which one suits best.


If you mainly do 'on the fly' caching, then the GS (or other unauthorised) app will do pretty much the same thing - there are some limitations with non-official apps as to how you can log, etc but they will basically allow you to search locally & find a cache.


If you prefer to use PQ's, then the GS may not be the best as it has a cumbersome way of managing & opening PQ's. Personally (and having tried pretty much every app out there) I like GeOrg as it has excellent PQ management (arranged into databases) as well as online capability. It's now the only app I use and IMHO is well worth the €9 (?).

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