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Sask-cache-one 10th anniversary party

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January 7th will mark the 10th anniversary of Saskatchewan's first and oldest geocache - GC14F, Sask-cache-one. I am contemplating hosting an event in Saskatoon to mark the occasion! I am trying to determine which day would be best to celebrate on:

  • Fri. Jan. 7/11 - The true anniversary date and have an evening event
  • Sat. Jan. 8/11 - Saturday lends itself to more options, and an afternoon or early evening event could be attended by more out of town people


If you are not from Saskatoon would you come to a Saturday event?

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Whatever day you pick I'll be there!! What a fabulous idea!! I like either option, but as it is winter, and dark early, out of town folk may not want to travel in on a Friday night. That said, our Shortest day of the year event last year was attended by cachers from 100+ kms away... not exactly an opinion, I know... :D


Let me know if I can help out!!


Sarah of Houlagans

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Of course it's pretty hard to think that far ahead at this point, but it sounds great to me! We finally found it on Sep 6 during our last visit to Saskatoon, and this event could be a fun after-christmas pcik-me-up.


-Oh, and Sat would probably be best for us as we're in Regina.

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We (League of Robots, Henchman and myself - el_Fudgeeo) were thinking of making the pilgrimage out to the cache on its 10th anniversary. Perhaps if others are interested, we could make a group trip to the cache as part of your event. Would that work?


Sounds great! I'd like to include as many Saskatchewan cachers as possible (not just the usual Saskatoon crowd), so Saturday is looking like the more practical option for out of town folks. If you don't mind going the day after the anniversary, then I think it would be great to have a group head out there together.


Myself, I am more interested in planning a sort of 'after party' and probably wouldn't head out to the cache again (I found it a couple of years ago). I'm leaning towards renting the Elk's Hall in Asquith and making it a potluck event. That seems like the easiest way to accomodate an unknown and potentially large number of cachers. However if the weather sucks, potentially very few cachers will come and even Saskatoon cachers might have a hard time making it out there! I still need to figure out a back-up plan...

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Well - maybe we will have 2 excursions to accommodate the nuttier contingent that feels the anniversary should be done on the anniversary. Maybe we could take someone who has previously found it so that we are assured of a good outcome. And come back on Saturday.


Maybe I should take another trip out to Asquith to hide another couple of caches :laughing:

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