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I see a theory here that often-visited or old caches are not a good place to put a TB. Why so?


A cache that gets a lot of traffic should be a fine place. Adding to that is the location. A cache near a freeway or major road that is frequented often by cachers passing through is an excellent place to launch a TB.


Now, if you meant a cache that gets few visitors, but last week had a rush of twelve, and now is back to few visitors, then I see where the bug might end up sitting around for a while. An interesting bug name with a well-planned mission might intrigue someone to go out of their way to pick it up, though.


And sometimes it's just the luck of the draw.



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From the specific Travel Bug page it says

"use TB**** to reference this Travel Bug".

What purpose does this reference number serve?

And....how do I use it?

I used the serial number on the actual

TB tag to record picking-up and dropping-off

a travel bug. Everything seemed to be logged

as I intended, so I'm confused as to what

this additional reference number will do.

icon_confused.gif Thanx in advance for your help.

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The TBxxxx number is to give to people to track your bug. You can't use it to log any finds or notes on the travel bug (that's what the number on the dog tag is for). Both will get you to the bug's page but only the 6-digit number will allow you to add a log.


Fo instance if I had a specific question about my bug Blue Man, I could post it's reference number TB5D0F for people to help me with it. No one with that number alone can log anything on the page but could help me in my investigation. If I posted the 6-digit number, then an unscrupulous cacher could post phony finds or rude notes. The only way that you can get the 6-digit number is to either find the bug, have someone tell you, or see it in a picture that someone posts where the number is not hidden.


Hope this helps.



row, row, row your boat

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Originally posted by Cachetrotters:

I see a theory here that often-visited or old caches are not a good place to put a TB. Why so?

Ive not heard of not putting them in 'often-visited'... But caches that are old and/or receive few visits, might not be good choices because a TB could get 'stuck' there. This is also true of caches with real high ratings.



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