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The {PINK YIME} Project for Breast Cancer


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Ours came in today.....just WOW!!!!


From the pouch, the pin, and the coin itself. What a wonderful statement.


We take back everything we said about you.... :sad:


Well done .... and this WILL make a difference with this dedicated group.

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Reservations for the {PINK YIMES} for Prevention will end tomorrow, so if you'd like to place (or increase) your reservation, please do so very soon. I will be placing the remint order sometime over the weekend, and that'll be that.


Here's the link!------>{PINK YIMES} at YemonYime.com


For those of you who are following the YemonYime Design facebook page, then you might already know about the special bonus I'm offering with these reservations!


I've invoked a childhood favorite of mine in Willy Wonka, and will be placing two GOLDEN TICKETS behind the custom flip art inserts inside the sleeves of the Pink Yime Geocoins. These will then be placed in the pink pouches and shuffled up by the young yimes as I prepare to fill orders. They'll go out at random, and might even end up in the hands of someone who doesn't realize what they've got! The lucky recipients of these GOLDEN TICKETS will win an exclusive 2010 Compass Rose Geocoin® YemonYime Variant, of which only 42 will be made! Again, this offer is only going through the reservations for this remint.


Thanks again for your continued support of these special geocoins!



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bump... i would like a estimate of how much this coin raised thus far...when you have time of course...we attended a fundraiser tonight for a lady fighting .. the event was called ...... momma needs a new pair of boo boos. hahaha she raised 1600 bucks and only had a room full of about 30 ppl. wow!!!

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Many of you may have received an e-mail already on this update, but the Pink Yime geocoins are scheduled to ship from the mint in late November. If you placed a reservation, you should see an invoice sometime around then. The coins will be processed (meaning me putting in all the custom inserts and pouchin' 'em :angry: ) and shipped out the first week of December!


For those of you that missed the reservations, there may be some extras available, but not many.


Also, I've made contact with a charity that I really think sums up what I was looking for regarding prevention. When I have the information I'm looking for, I'll post that here as well.




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I received my Pink Yimes today. I activated one of them so if someone is interested in the pin, insert and pouch to go with their "coins on hand" order, let me know.


How long before the icon shows up. Right now it's just the generic one.


Message sent... :angry:


Dear Team5150,


Thank you so much for re-negging on your end of the trade and not sending it or responding to multiple emails nearly a month later. According to delivery confirmation, I know you got your package from me on 10/21.

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You made someone trade you for just the pin and bag? :)


Good Lord.... :laughing:


Made???? It was an offer. And one several people emailed me on too, btw. Several people wanted a complete V1 set.


Oh, Sorry, I get it, You took the email that offered the best trade.

Because It read to me like you were offering it up for free.

My mistake. :anibad:

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Hello all, and happy December!


I have a couple of announcements regarding The {PINK YIME} Project...


First of all, the Pink Yimes are here!!! They arrived today, and they look wonderful. I've managed to hire an elite wing of Santa's elves (the Kandy Infused Distribution Squadron) to help me package up the coins and send them off. I hope the cost doesn't get out of control. :laughing:


Secondly, invoices for reservations placed will be going out during the next few days. As mentioned on the reservation page, reservations were placed on your honor, so I humbly ask that you take care of those invoices so that I can make the donation process as efficient as possible. Thank you!


And finally, I'm proud to announce that the charity I've decided to work with is The National Breast Cancer Coalition! There were some excellent suggestions, and a myriad of choices as to where to donate the proceeds from this project. But I can't begin to tell you how impressed (and downright fascinated) I am by the NBCC's bold and aggressive aspiration to set a deadline for the complete eradication of breast cancer within ten years. We'll never get it done until we make the elimination of breast cancer an accountable priority for researchers and government officials alike. I encourage everyone concerned to follow this link to the NBCC's main page and watch the inspirational intro. I also encourage you to review the NBCC's excellent Charity Rating at charitynavigator.org.


Once again, thank you all for your support and enthusiasm for The {PINK YIME} Project. I'm very proud to help show off the extreme generosity of our community of geocachers and geocoiners!




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Yime if there is anyone that does not honour the reservation let me know. I will be glad to fill in for as many as I can if there are any. I lost my mom to cancer (not breast cancer, but regardless) and as such cancer research is a common area for my wife and I to donate to and support.

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I am soooo ready for my invoice!


I am going to activate one in memory of my beautiful mother, who I lost to this horrible disease! I'm going to send it out traveling, and hope it goes to all the places she dreamed of going to!


Thanks Yime!

Wow MJ,

What a great Idea. I activated the Yime i recieved as a gift - And since all my released travelers have come up missing, i wasn't going to release it, but I know my mother would have loved to take another trip to her home country, Portugal, Well, The Azores actually... Terceria. I know this because, while going through her paperwork, I found her passport that she redid the year she passed. I would love to get this coin out there.

Anyone heading to Portugal???


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Yuppers, invoices are going out right now. I'll be sending out packages in waves, so those who send in their payments first will catch the first wave!


And just in case you didn't catch it on the YemonYime Design Facebook page...

Be sure to check inside your Pink Yime vinyl flips. There are two GOLDEN TICKETS hidden somewhere in this box of pouches, and if you find one, you're the winner of an exclusive 2010 Compass Rose YemonYime Variant!

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