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Travel Bug Hotel and Casino

The Artful Dodger

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I had some spare time on my hands so I created a fully comprehensive Travel Bug Hotel and Casino.


Catering to the affluent bugs out there, this hotel will go the extra mile to pamper the tired travelers with some fine dining, in-room movies, games room....Heck, even a casino!


I created this hotel with the intent on having geocachers check it out for bugs that want to travel internationally and maybe pick it up before flying overseas. But naturally, this also caters for the domestic scene too.


Catering to the New York/New Jersey area. Should be up and ready soon (barring a few changes in the casino section)



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Originally posted by Vonster:

Dear Mr Dodger

My wife and I are hoping to spend a few days travelling in your neck of the woods and would like to make reservations at your hotel. Would you be able to let us know when you will be accepting guests?

Many thanks


Mr & Mrs T Ravel-Bug


Dear Mr T Ravel-Bug


The hotel is now open - we have a 24 hour check-in facility for your convenience.


Since it is the Grand Opening period, there is plenty of space for our TB guests.. icon_cool.gif


The CASINO is going through renovations to pass the GAMING COMMISSION regulations and will be up and running later today. icon_biggrin.gif


PIERRE - (Concierge)


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And all of this in an ammo can! I bet it has 4 stars on the side. This is the coolest thing on here (the penut butter jelly dancing banana is a distant second). I am going to make this cache a goal for a TB!


It's not a sport unless there is something dead in the back of the truck when you get home.

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