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Explain why did you choose your Users Name/Geocaching name


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This topic has been brought up before, but I doubt you will find it now. My caching name comes from the old Night Stalker television series starring Daren McGavin. I figured there was a parallel between geocaching and the series since he was always running around looking for monsters and nobody knew they were real. We run around looking for "tresures" and muggles never know they are right under their noses either.



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Mine used to be my name, but wasnt sure of the community around here and if that was a good idea or not so I changed it. Rumor has it there are a lot of strange people searching around at night for items that may or may not exist and have nothing but a piece of paper in them. Oh wait.. I am one of those strange people now. (Egg=part of my name)


Me and my Geokids.. (ages 11,8,6).



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Mine didn't feel very creative at the time...but I am glad I chose it.


I am a cat lover, with two cats of my own, and I currently live with three more (yes, I live with a total of five cats). On of my kitties is named Matilda the Russian Spy (my other cat is Secret Agent Sam). :signalviolin: Matilda is a very fluffy itty-bitty-kitty, and from the back she looks like she is wearing pantaloons. :mmraspberry:

Her nickname is Matilda Pants, or Miss Pants, or a thousand variations of that.


SO...I am MatildaPants, because she would cache if she could, and she is always with me on the computer. Like I said, not very creative, but there it is.


MatildaPants FTW!






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Having just crashed on my mountain bike and breaking my arm and a few teeth ( OK, 9 of them ) I was sitting around bored, not working. I broke down and bought a my first PC. My cousin was over signing me up for AOL ( are they still around? ) and trying to pick a screen name. After a few failed attempts I was talking to my other cousin about what had happened to me and I jokingly said I be crashing ( its hard to talk with front teeth missing ) and he typed in IBcrashen. Used it on most online things since. I almost changed it to IBgeocaching for here but.....

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It's the name of the song I was listening to on a compilation CD when I created my account! Plus I drive a Volkswagen. I did start buying VW keychains to leave as signature items in caches but that novelty soon wore off.


I keep thinking of changing it but after 4 years and 800+ finds it's kinda stuck!

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Nick (my grandson) found the first cache by accident (or not, he finds things. LOTS of things). Then he wanted to go look for more so we Made an account and started finding them on purpose. Since we were in a hurry (it was getting pretty late in the day) and he's Nick and calls me Papa that's what we decided to use.

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My childhood nickname is Twitch (because my nose twitches subconsciously like the girl in Bewitched) and I like trees and plants. Twitch Likes Botany was kind of hokey so I picked Twitch Hugs Trees. It's quick to type and I can abbreviate it with THT.


Usually, my usernames are some variation of "Egypt Girl" since I want to be an Egyptologist, but THT works better with the outdoorsy activity of Geocaching.

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I chose my Geocaching name because it's a joint account for my fiance and me. I changed the name to Yin and Yang when we decided to have a joint account instead of two separate ones.


After my fiance and I started dating we both found we began to believe in soul mates. We also found we had an interesting thing going on - I was enamored with the Phoenix and he was enamored with the Dragon. As it turns out, with me searching for info before getting my Phoenix tattoo, there is a TON of mythology out there (in Asian culture) that presents the Dragon and Phoenix as two parts of a whole and also likens them to the yin-yang.


I did more researching into the yin-yang and after a while it began to be sort of a strong symbol of our love for each other and our relationship. Since then I began to refer to him as the Yang to my Yin and he began to refer to me as the Yin to his Yang. Like the yin-yang we find that we complete each other and that we are two parts that make a whole. I made wire wrapped pendants for us, like those old fashioned heart necklaces but in the shape of the two halves of the yin-yang. Ever since all that it's been a matter of me being Yin and him being Yang, hence the name Yin and Yang.

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I've had mine as an email or forum handle since I first created a user name. Country singer Joe Diffie has a country song called Pick-up Man in which he sings: "There's just somethin' women like about a pick-up man". Well since I have been old enough to drive, I've owned a pickup truck, and my first new truck was a 1998 (also the year I graduated) it just fit. (No. I can not help you move)


Considering changing it to Team Pickupman to indicate my wife and daughter are always with me and we all use this account.

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