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what to do ???

Guest c-troop
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Guest c-troop

Hi all,

I am the person that created nimraG the personal travel bug How would you log this? I recently locatated a NGS Benchmark cache(Hoisington Kansas) and logged it, but what about logging the TB? If you are familiar with the NGS Benchmark cache..the coords. are in Indiana which means if I do log the TB the mileage will skyrocket since it goes off of the original coords. from Indiana. I havent logged the TB and probably wont, opinions?




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Guest Markwell

Best suggestion (but I don't really like it):


Set up a dummy cache page for yourself, and put in big bold letters for the geocaching staff NOT to approve it. Put in the coords for the marker and log your travel bug in that cache. Call it something like "c-troop's NGS Benchmark" and don't put a description other than the warning. Then archive the cache.


Still should track the distance, etc.


Unfortunately if this type of thing caught on, there could be a lot of "dummy" caches in the system.




My Geocache Page

Non omnes vagi perditi sunt

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Guest c-troop

No its not non-existent, its really there! And by creating this cache it allowed me to log my travel bug mileage, and it allows other people to find a NGS benchmark in a small town in the middle of Kansas where there are no other caches.

I think of it as two birds with one stone.


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