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How do I remove a missing TB from my cache?


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I have a couple of caches with travel bugs logged into them. One has been missing for a year now, and the other for several months. I have e-mailed the owners about removing them from the cache and placing them into a grave, but they have not done so. I have had several people e-mail me about the TB's not being in the cache and it is getting tiresome.


How do I remove them from the cache ?


Tim M...

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Tim, I share your frustration. We've had a TB listed on one of of caches (only a couple months so far) that was picked up almost as soon as it was placed. No response from the TB owner to my email request to grab it out of my cache.


Something that may cut down on the people contacting you to say that the bug's not there would be do edit your cache page to say that (we did that on ours - added a line about that particular TB being picked up in July and no longer in our cache to the bottom of the description).


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Check out:




It reads, in part:


"Sometimes, a Travel Bug has been removed from a cache, but for some reason the finder does not log it. Unfortunately as a result, the Travel Bug icon on the cache page remains there, and geocachers can get frustrated when they arrive at the cache and find it missing.


If you are the owner of the Travel Bug, all you need to do is log the Bug and "grab it," but not indicate that you took it from that cache. You can then either leave a note on the Travel Bug page that you removed it so when the next person logs it they understand why it wasn't listed in a cache.


(note: even if it is not indicated as being retrieved from the previous cache, the next cache it is placed in will be figured into the distance travelled).


If you are not the owner, email the owner and let them know about this knowledge base article so they can remove it. If that doesn't work, notify the administrators at Geocaching.com and they will remove it from the cache.


Don't despair if a Travel Bug goes missing. In many cases the Travel Bug has been moved to another cache and the last person just didn't know how to log it. Hopefully the next geocacher that finds it will log the find."


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