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Deceangi is the main man!






:lol: I'm just one member of a closely working group of Reviewers, who are and Review


Alba15-Southern Scotland/Northern Scotland/North West England (shared)

Andalusite-South Wales

Antheia-East Midlands/Jersey/Guernsey

Chiastolite-West Midlands

DalesmanX-North East England/Yorkshire & Humberside

Deceangi-North Wales/North West England (shared)/Isle of Man/Malta/Gibraltar

Graculus-Southern England/South West England

The Bee Keeper-London/Eastern England

The Long Man-South East England





geoawareuk Earthcache Reviewer


Though we do provide cover for each other.




I just happen to be the fist one to get conned persuaded to become a Reviewer :lol:

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I just happen to be the fist one to get conned persuaded to become a Reviewer ;)

So who was reviewing UK caches before you started in 2006?


Ok here is a History Lesson on UK/Ireland Approvers/Reviewers


Originally called Approvers, changed to Reviewers as we do not Approve caches just Review them for listing on GC.


The very first Approvers publishing caches in the UK where


iryshe-Jeremy Irish CEO Groundspeak


Mountain Man


Then UK based Approvers were recruited, so you had

Monze (changed to Runemaster)

Moss Trooper

Richard and Beth

Tim and June


Who all resigned at the same time.


Then the following were recruited in 2003 as I recall as UK Approvers- which became Reviewers





Who recruited Myself in May 2006



We were then involved in recruiting in




Eckington & Lactodorum resigned April 2008 I recruited in August 2008 (advised by Croaghan)





We then recruited June 2009


The Bee keeper


We then recruited (notice the we has got bigger :( ) October 2009





We then recruited (notice the we is getting even bigger :laughing: ) May 2010




We then recruited (notice the we are now becoming the collective :laughing: ) June 2010




The collective then advised Croaghan, who recruited in July 21010




The collective then recruited in July 2010


The Long Man


We are proud to claim both Croaghan & Inishanier as part of The collective :laughing:


That is the current Time Line for the UK/Ireland Reviewers, as we move forward in time this will change/extend :laughing:


Some extra background. The UK Approvers/Reviewers not only covered the UK. They also covered Ireland (at that time Northern Ireland caches could be listed under either the UK or Ireland), Isle of Man. Jersey, Guernsey, Malta & Gibraltar. For reasons I won't go into Ireland was handed over to Erik to Review, until Croaghan was conned recruited.


Today Ireland is reviewed by Croaghan & Inishanier (Northern Ireland caches being listed under Ulster-Ireland) On the resignation of Eckington & Lactodorum I took over the reviewing of Northern Ireland caches listed as being in the UK. Handing over to Croaghan on the introduction of the Ireland Regions (Ulster is the Historic Region and not the Modern 6 counties forming Northern Ireland)


I also took on the reviewing of the Isle of Man. Jersey, Guernsey, Malta & Gibraltar. I handed over the reviewing of Jersey & Guernsey to Antheia, when she was conned recruited. Currently retaining Isle of Man. Malta & Gibraltar.




Corrections thanks to The Wombles

Second correction thanks to L8HNB :anicute:

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And when Dave asked me the crucial question about becoming a reviewer I never realised I could have said no..... Too late now I guess :laughing:


I know that feeling......... :(


As the Eagles once said about Hotel California -


We are programmed to receive.

You can checkout any time you like,

But you can never leave!


Sounds awful familiar now.......



Edited by Inishanier
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To add a little more information to the list above:


"Moze" was actually "Monz" who subsequently changed his caching name to Runemaster


"irishe" is actually iryshe


In the early days Reviewers usually used their player accounts for reviewing. This changed around 2003 when new accounts were opened for Reviewers (with their choice of name) as a result of unpleasantness elsewhere in the world. We are fortunate in the UK that our Reviewers have always been held in high regard and are therefore willing to be identified despite adopting the worldwide convention of using different accounts for reviewing.


Other reviewers also reviewed occasional caches to help out in the early days (I have caches published by gpsfun and Moun10bike), but these were infrequent.

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Thank you both Dave's for the brief history lesson, excellent. I'm all in favour of this type of post as it adds to my personal history of caching in the UK.


I'm probably confused but isnt Erik "erik88L-R" or is he another one?


Post corrected ;) to me he's just Erik as he doesn't use a separate Reviewer Name. I don't associate his name with a Reviewer name, so in communications with him I'm contacting a person and not a persons Reviewer account.


As you can tell most of the post was made from memory :( It's possibly the first time such a complete Time line has been written. I know it's the first one I've ever read. So even though I wrote it, it has been interesting reading for myself as well.




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