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This forum topic is used as a central location for information relating to various Groundspeak product updates. Forum posts by me and other lackeys will outline what has changed and provide a location for discussion immediately following the release. If you wish to join the discussion please try to keep the conversation focused on questions and issues that arise as a direct result of the changes made in the update. All other problems can be reported on our feedback site located here.


How do I read the release notes?


A release note looks like this:


12345: Frightening shortage of caffeine in the break room

Re-stocked coffee reserves to obscene proportions


The first line will usually identify the problem or describe a need, and contains a code used by us to track the issue internally. You can generally ignore the code, but in some cases it can help us to quickly locate older issues if you discover a reason to revisit the fix.


The second line is a summary of the action that was taken. Sometimes it is obvious, in which case it may simply say "fixed" or "added". In other less obvious cases we will attempt to describe the fix in more detail.


Why can't I post a new topic in this forum?


We want to keep the information in this topic easily accessible and uncluttered, so new topic creation is restricted. You may post to existing topics while they are active, however. I highly encourage it, in fact, provided it directly relates to the update.


Can I ask a third question?



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