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Oregon 450

jindi kid
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thinking of getting an oregon 450 as an update. any problems you have found, or do you think they are good


I got one about a month ago and like it a lot. My 60csx got stolen, so I upgraded to teh 450 when I found it on sale. I love the geocaching features (descriptions, hints, etc). I like to hike in the mountains where there is lots of overstory cover and haven't had any problems with reception. Touch screen was different from any previous units I have used, but after a week or so I got used to it. Overall, I enjoy using it for geocaching and would buy it again.


If you haven't held one and played with it a bit, I'd suggest going by a store and taking a look at one in hand.

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I really like the Oregon 450. I got mine as a replacement for a 76CSx that stopped working, so I can really only compare it to that device. I find the Oregon to be accurate and easy to use.


I do a good bit of caching that involves hiking, and one of the features I've been using lately is custom maps. Creating a map, if you can't find one online, requires a bit of work, but I find the result to be well worth the effort.


The only complaint I have is that the screen can be difficult to see in certain lighting conditions. Full sun and it is no problem at all. The backlight works nicely for the times where it is harder to see.

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