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How do you catalog your coins?


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I find the database program that comes with MS Works (cheap version of Office) very useful and fast to load even with thousands of records. My only regret is not employing more data fields; purchase date, price, seller, seller/trader info, host site for activation code, etc).

In a recent thread on the same question some folks posted fun ideas.... I loved Mauison's Google spreadsheet idea or even the use of the trading sites (cointracking or geocoincollection) though these do have a subscription fee.

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Hi there


I have all my collation, trades, wachlist and where in the world coins and T/B in excel then I transfer them over to GSAK (software) database using one of there great Micros, there I designed the columns for how I like them to look i.e. date of activation, where in the world who has it and when and so on. I am changing the database all the time, but you have to input manually NO GPX file yet? for your trackables one day finger crossed


Well hope this helps for some ideas


Labrador Wild Man

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Do you have the link for that discussion about google spreedsheet?

A quick Google search will take you to the various links to get you started.... all Mauison said is that he uses it and can access it from any computer which sounds promising. Also Google isn't likely to go bust anytime soon so the doc is likely to stay put.

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