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As it is the eve of the Ryder Cup

Eclectic Penguin

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Pre-announcing our second coin which is currently in production in parallel with our Miner's Safety Lamp coin (see its own thread):

South Wales Geocacher's Golfer's Geooin (working title)




I think a lot of the artwork speaks for itself to be honest but I'll give some explanation.


The Ryder Cup is coming to South Wales for the first time this year to the amazing Celtic Manor Resort (I was there yesterday to find the five superb caches placed by the resort themselves around the 18 hole course. It's the first time I've had to look for a cache on the roof of a large building!). We have a number of avid golfers in our Geocaching community and we thought a Geocoin to celebrate this event would be a great idea.


Obviously a heavy golf theme on both sides - each side will be cast with a 3D die. The golfer will have a lot more realistic 3D look about him in the final metal version, I can assure you - this is effectively an artists sketch.


The more observant will notice that in this version the dimples appear to be the wrong way round (unless I've misunderstood the artwork) - they're bumps - we'll have that resolved of course, but other than that, the artwork depicts the completed coin.


On the same side - for those wondering the significance of what the dragon logo represents - well, Great Britain is made up of four countries. England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and by no means least Wales! The Welsh national flag depicts a red dragon on a white and green background - and it is this dragon that is represented here.


We're definitely minting it in 2 versions initially - Satin Nickel and probably Antique Silver. There may be a sneaky third limited collectors edition (gold or some other one-off metal, with a limited edition serial number etched on it) in the near future too, depending on how sales/pre-sales go and if there's enough interest.


We're not dawdling about with this coin and as with the lamp coin, we're about to go into production of an initial run of 250 coins (125 of each metal).


The coin will naturally have its own icon - this will be published as and when I have the inspiration as to what it'll depict... :(


I hope you guys like it. It's a departure from our previous coins (and for me as a coin designer). As with the miner's lamp, any money made on this coin will go straight into funding future events put on by the South Wales Geocachers - and we have some tidy, if not adventerous ones planed for the future, let me assure you!


We're hoping for a parallel release - miner's lamp and golfing coin so that we can possibly make special multiple offers on postage and perhaps sets.


As with the lamp coin, there are a couple of hitches with setting up pre-orders at present but we're not dependent on getting pre-order money for these coins - they're already ready to go to production thanks to the generosity of a number of Geocachers in our community who have backed both this and previous coins.


As with all of our previous coins and planned future coins (2 of which are in early design stages), they are being produced by our good friends at Oakcoins as we've been very impressed by their work on both my personal coins and also our South Wales Geocachers 2009 coin.

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Ooh. This scares me to be honest - after the amount of effort I've already invested into this coin, only one response after 24 hours?


Has something changed in the Geocoin world in the 12 months since I published my last 3 coins (where I got many responses to this kind of post) or is this coin not up to standard?


Please... comments are most encouraged, positive or negative. We need to know before significant amount of money is invested to make this coin happen.

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i like the artwork, and i'm sure the coin itself will be even more impressive.


Absolutely - I'll never fotget the shiver that went down my spine the first time I actually saw with my own eyes our South Wales Geocachers 2009 coin (and I was involved with the design process from start to finish) - I guess the comparison is seeing in color for the first time. even photos don't do the actual coin justice but for comparison here's the artwork and real coin, side by side just to show how much better the real coin is.






To be honest, we didn't even market last year's coins until we actually had the coins available to sell, but this year (especially for the golfer's coin) we're limited to a specific time frame for release and sale.

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This is just to let you know that the final version of this coin, after much tweaking is finally handed over to the mint for production. We're looking at roughly 4 weeks before this coin will be ready for sale!


Here's the very final artwork and I should have photos of actual sample coins within 2 weeks:




There are a number of differences from the previous prublished version - we've changed the wording on the front slighly to read a little better (and make more sense), given the golfer a more earnest expression and added the little 3D golf balls on the front.


As to the back... well, it was very late in the design stage that I noticed that this peticular golf ball, as rendered intially would have had bumps on it and not dimples... :anicute:B) As you can see, that's now been fixed. B)


We haven't got a formal name for it yet - working title is Golfer's Coin - this will in all probability change with the final release to something more descriptive. Of course, this coin will have its own icon - I haven't designed it yet!


2 versions to be initially minted - Satin Nickel and Antique Silver - however we're not ruling out limited edition and possibly some very limited editions of this coin (10 or less) should it prove popular.


I'm afraid we haven't been able to put a definite price on this yet as we haven't had the final invoice - we hope it won't come to more than £10 GBP ($15 USD) - probably a little less than this. Using 2 3D dies adds to the cost of the coin - but I think the effect is worth the extra buck or two...


As we still haven't got the payment system in place yet, I'm now setting up a pre-order email address where you can express definite interest in ordering one or more of these coins. By sending your intention to this address, you will definitely get what you ordered and you will be given first priority when we're sending them out.


I will maintain a list of contacts and inform you when the ordering system is in place. The email addresses will only be used for this purpose and will be deleted once the process is in place.


If you want to pre-order a coin or a number of coins, please send your intention to

geocoins (at) southwalesgeocachers.co.uk, replacing the (at) with the @ symbol.


Bear in mind that I've also announced the release of a second completely different coin which should hopefully go on sale at the same time so joint orders of the two different coins/metals/colors is encouraged to save on postage and packing! You can find this discussed in the forum under the heading:

Miner's Safety Lamp - South Wales Geocachers 2010 Coin.


Please, in your email indicate the number of each coin type you'll be ordering. I also encourage you to let others know here of your interest in this coin should you be interested in ordering.


We're planning a simultaneous release of both coins and variations so if you're interested in ordering some of each type of coin, or different variations of a single coin we actively encourage this to help you save on postage. Online ordering / payment will hopefully be in place within the next 2-3 weeks and coins should be available in around 4-5 weeks.


Both this and the Miner's Lamp coin are being produced to raise money for future Geocaching related activities such as events within the Geocaching Community in South Wales, United Kingdom.

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For those waiting to order...


We're now getting close to be able to take orders for this coin. It's well into the process of ordering - although I only received the samples yesterday (see below) we've ordered the coin based on mint photography.


As promised, this coin will of course have its own icon and for the first time, this is what I think it'll look like. Things aren't set in stone yet, but we like this little icon:


golfCoin32.gif 32x32 icon


golfCoin16.gif 16x16 icon


Here are my photos of the sample coins:



South Wales Golfing Coin - Antique Silver



South Wales Golfing Coin - Satin Nickel


The 3D effect of the dimpling looks really great on the actual coin itself and even improves as you tilt the coin in the light.

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No missed balls - I've been out of the loop with new work commitments over the last week or so.


The golfer's coins are very close to being available for sale as they're now in transit.


Despite problems with the web site I was hoping to launch these coins - I've decided to use my own shopping cart to sell/pre-order these until we sort out the glitches!




Please bear in mind that if you pre-order a golfer's coin and also order another available coin on this cart - your order will be held back until we have the golfer's coin in hand.

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An apology to our North American friends


It has come to my attention that due to an error on the shopping cart's currency rates, if you used the Dollar currency converter on the shopping cart, the estimated price being quoted for the South Wales Golfer's Geocoins was significantly higher than what you would ultimately have been billed for.


For example, for a single coin it would add roughly $1.60 to the estimated cost of the coin - and this doesn't take into account shipping and packaging which would also have been inflated.


I have now amended the currency rate to suite contemporary rates and have added a number of other major currencies to the estimator.


If you liked the look of these coins but figured the price was too expensive based on the currency converter, I encourage you to have another look at the cart and the images in the above thread. You can currently find them at http://www.eclectic-penguin.org.uk/cart


This wouldn't have affected any purchases already made - the final accurate currency conversion is made when the transaction is completed via PayPal.


Please accept my apologies for this error - I hope it didn't deter too many people from buying our latest coins, of which we're quite proud of!


Eclectic Penguin (on behalf of the South Wales Geocachers, for whom this coin is a fund-raiser for future events including next year's Wales Mega Event, held in the City of Swansea, South Wales).

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With the Ryder Cup effectively being played in my back yard for the first time ever, I just thought I'd bring these very current coins back to the forefront.


To celebrate the fact that the Ryder Cup is now on in the fabulous Celtic Manor resort, we've dropped the price for these lovely coins from £8.50 to £7.50.


Also, be aware that they are now available for sale through our brand new online shop:

http://www.megawales.co.uk/shop and are no longer available via my own personal cart. These coins are fund raisers for next year's Mega Wales event, where the UK's annual mega event also comes to the principality of Wales for the first time!


We don't have a huge stock of these left now either and don't plan to mint any more.

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The South Wales Golfer's Geocoin, created to celebrate the hosting of the Ryder Cup in Wales for the first time in 2010, is now on offer at just £5 on the Mega Wales shop - here

The Mega Wales committee have always kept a small stock of their fund raising geocoins aside for sale at events, but these few remaining coins have been collected back in and are now available through the shop.

But, when these are gone, there will be no more.

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