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10/10/10 Events in the UK and Ireland

The Blorenges

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I've just been going through all the UK events listed to mark 10/10/10. I make the total 19 so hopefully most people will find one somewhere near them if they feel like celebrating such a pleasing date.


I've only just discovered that 101010 binary is 42 decimal so that means it's also the Ultimate Answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything. How can anyone ignore the significance of that?


Here's the list of where the events are taking place (I've just put the nearest large town/city):


Basildon, Northampton (2), Cowdenbeath, Swansea, Walsall, Holywell, Chorley, Huddersfield, Havant, Cheddar, Nottingham, Esher, Congleton, Stow-on-the-Wold, Dorchester, Aberaeron, Poole, Dublin.


You can find quick links to all the above event cache pages from the GAGB Events Calendar.


(Let me know if I've missed any, or have details wrong!)


MrsB :laughing:

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You missed us up here!



Erm - Cowdenbeath IS in Fife...


You missed us up here!





You're there... I put Cowdenbeath as the largest nearby town. Will that do?




Jeez no try Kelty




... but quite rightly pointed out as being better ignored, but for the fact that that's the 101010 I'm supposed to be going to!



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Litttle Miss Naughty wanted an event that weekend, as I am off to visit her... I DID suggest she held a 10 10 10 event, but I am off to the Holywell one on the Sunday evening... she decided to host the next Kent Event and have it on the Saturday so I could attend....


I sugegsted she be ironic and call it the 09 10 10 event LOL

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Our 10 10 10 event in Essex is also a CITO at Hadleigh Country Park which also has several earth caches so come along and kill three birds with one event


I always thought CITOs were about picking up litter, if there is some feathered slaughter to be had I will bring my shotgun.

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I think I might do one next year on Nov 11th, probably shortly after 11am ;)

Oh, Er, what happens in 2013 then? :blink:


We wait..... 88 years!

All right for you young 'uns.....


Juat a thought, do you think we will be knee deep in film cans and small plastic boxes by then? :D

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