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Can You send a bug to a person?

Geo Shark

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Yes. I assume you're talking about the TB goal. You could make its destination a cache close to him and he could retrieve it when it arrives, but the problem is how to get it to him if he's not a cacher?


The other meaning you might have is sending it to him in the mail, where, again, if he's not a cacher, what is he going to do with it if he doesn't know where a cache is to place it?

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Hi Geo Shark,


My travel bug "To Dad with Love" successfully made it from Toronto to Ventura California. Took a little doing with a few missteps along the way, but that's part of the adventure.


In the original statement I asked that people notify me when he got closer to his goal and one geocacher actually took the time to meet with my father over lunch and gave him the TB. Dad was thrilled and so was I. We actually just re-released the TB this weekend when we were down visiting Dad.


Go for it!

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Absolutely! I'm in the middle of a so-far very successful TB journey called "Caching Barefoot (to Wil)". It's going to CA from NC to get an autograph from Wil Wheaton. There are about a dozen people who have adopted it. Also see the thread "Autograph Bug".


"Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain." -Mark Twain

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