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TB traveling through multiple caches with the same person

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Quick TB-related question: If I come across a travel bug that has as a goal "travel as many miles as possible", is it bad form to log it in/out of multiple caches as I'm traveling?


For example, if I pick a bug up in Jersey with this goal, can I log it when I'm in California finding a cache, log it out again and bring it back to leave in a Jersey cache to rack up some round-trip distance (or should I just leave it in sunny California?)


Being relatively new, I figured it was worth getting people's opinions.....


"If someone did you a favor - something big, something you couldn't do on your own, and instead of paying it back, you paid it forward to three people...and the next day they each paid it forward to three more...and the day after that, those 27 people each paid it forward to another three...and each day, everyone in turn paid it forward to three more people...in two weeks, that comes to 4,782,969 people." - Pay It Forward

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First I suppose you should e-mail the Bug owner and get their opinion. What I like to see in a travel bug is lots of "experiences" and stories. If all you do it place him in a cache in CA and then another one in NJ and just say "Made it to Sunny Calif." and "Back in town" then that isn't much fun. But...if you talk about the plane or car trip and take pictures of the Bug on his travels and share it with the world on the Bug's page then that is a great trip for a TB.

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