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Finding coordinates

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for placing caches: with your GPS receiver.


for other lower accuracy purposes: google maps for example. right-click on the location you're interested in and select "what's here". that will update the search box with the coordinates of that location (in decimal degrees format).


or use a google frontend such as http://www.kompf.de/trekka/geoposition.php

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In Google Earth, under Search select the Fly To tab. Enter the address in the box under where it says Fly to e.g., New York, NY. then click on the magnifying glass to search for your location. Your location will be shown in a box directly below where you entered the address information and it will also be shown on the map with a symbol that looks like a square box with a + in the middle. Right click on either one of them and a pop-up box will appear on screen. From the pop-up box select Properties and the Google Earth - Edit Placemark dialog box will pop-up. You will see the Latitude and Longitude in the Google Earth - Edit Placemark dialog box.

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This sounds like a silly question, but when you want to find the coordinates for a specific place, how do you look it up? Say I have an address and I'd like to know the coordinates. Where would I go to look it up? I've tried Google Earth and haven't really been able to figure it out.

Try itouch maps, you click on a place and it puts a marker, then if you click the marker it gives you the coordinates.

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