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I have a bug that is MIA.. I have tried to contact the person that has it and have had no luck..... Is it ok if I switch that number to a new figure and print my own tag for it, or just write the number on the new bug.... Guess the question can I just move the number or do I have to spen more $$$$

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Guest Rootbeer

Originally posted by libby:

can I just move the number


Sure, you can do that. But what do you plan to do when the original bug turns up somewhere after six months or a year?


I'm not saying that you can't or shouldn't do as you suggest. But you should think about this before you act. Cheers!

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You own that number, so you can do whatever you wish, of course! Also using the "COPY" tag works.


I'd say if it was then found and logged, you could contact the owner that has the old tag and have them send it to the current tag holder for replacement.



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