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Geopuzzle Project

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Last month I came up with an idea for a geopuzzle using hexagon puzzle pieces that people could decorate however they want and return to me to make a giant mosaic of all of the hexagons. I started by putting out 2 caches, one for people to pick up a blank puzzle piece and one for people to drop off their completed puzzle pieces. So far I already have 12 puzzle pieces that people have returned to me with several working on completing theirs.


I thought I would share this and see if any other cachers were interested in decorating their puzzle piece and submitting it to me. You can download the hexagon puzzle template from the Geopuzzle Project web site. Once completed, you can email it back to me if you made it on the computer or you can ask me for my mailing address to mail me the completed puzzle piece.


Here's the web site for those that are interested:



Here's what I have received so far:


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Great idea!

I wish we lived closer so we could have a go at finding them. :laughing:


You can still take part by making your own puzzle piece. You can download the template on my website here:




If you do it on the computer, you can email it back to me and I will print it and add it to the project, or you can mail it to me too if you do your art on a paper copy.

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