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Decon Container Question


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I picked up some decon containers for $2 each at an Army Surplus store during a recent trip. These are the real military units (they had some knock-offs there, too).


They seem to have tight fitting lids but it take some effort to snap them back on. I can see cachers not snapping the lid back on completely and then its soggy loggy time. I thought maybe a light coat of Vaseline around the edge of the lid may help.


What kind of experience do you guys have with these things?

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I used to own a lot of decon container caches, still have some.


Some decons close and seal well, some don't. I assume it's spec item, created by different contractors at different times. The last batch of really stiff ones didn't seal especially well regardless of whether they were properly closed. Yes on the rodents too. Though I do have a couple that are coming 6 years out and dry.


Press down on all four corners until you hear the click

Put that on a label inside the lid, on the log, on the cache page.


Some people will still just close the front - and you'll have a wet container.



Geocache Decon Container Closure youtube video


You can link that on some pages - not that it will help in the field

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