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Geopoly Geocoin

Woyi and Waya

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I saw this geopoly geocoin today and I thought it was a very cool concept: (TB28N7Y). Apparently you have to collect coins of different colors and then send them in to claim a limited edition coin as a prize. I love the idea but unfortunately the coins are of German origin which makes it very unlikely that anyone would be able to complete a set in the US. Anybody else ever encountered one of these in the wild? And do we have anything like this in the US?

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does anyone know if it is possible to purchase a set of these ?


from the look of the website, the contest/giveaway may very well be over


I am thinking that perhaps they might be selling leftovers, or maybe even made enough of the tokens and coins that they could sell some to cover costs


any information would be appreciated

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Very cool idea.... it was put together quite well. I would really like to see something like this in the US. I think it could promote better logging habits of coins and tb's because the tb token would have to be taken from the cache and sent in..... hopefully there would be few tokens that would fall through the cracks because there is a prize at stake. For those that had participated, were the tokens that you had to collect actually trackable? Or, did bug owner above in the link just attach a token to the tb?

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