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Geocoin picked up but not logged


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<_< We placed a FTF in my daughter's cache. Someone claimed it in their log but never logged it in. I have sent 2 e-mails requesting they do this but nothing has happened nor have they responded. What recourse do I have? This coin was on a mission to travel to CT where my daughter is buried and then return to the family here. It makes me very sad that it has not moved. Had to let off some steam.
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If it was believed to be an FTF prize, then they may have never logged it thinking it was an unactivated coin. Dunno why they didn't respond to emails, maybe spam folder is grabbing it? Anyhoo, hope you get it sorted out.


I don't think I'd be listing an activated coin or bug as an FTF prize just for that reason.

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It's sad to hear that you are having trouble. I think those coins were designed with the idea that they could be left Unactivated in Caches for the FTF to keep as a prize, and then activate and show it off. either way, it would be easy for someone to mistake it for a prize intended for them to keep. I hope you can get it all sorted out, Not sure why they wouldn't respond.

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OK...It's clear from their log that they thought the coin was a gift...They have never logged any travelers, so maybe they do not know how...and they also went as a family, so may have some trouble finding it if one of the kids has put it somewhere. I think some delicate emails and offers to help in how to log travelers might work, depending on the tone of your previous emails.

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It is always a pitty to hear that people do not act quickly on trackables.


To prevent that a FTF coin/trackable is never activated, it is maybe an idea to have the trackable activated by the cache owner before the cache is submitted

The cache owner can add the first comment in the trackable that it is a FTF price.


The cache owner can move the trackable to the FTF cacher as soon as this is claimed by using the adopt procedure.


I know it doesn't help if people do not know what to do with a trackable.....

Maybe an envelop with the trackable with a clear note what to do with it might help.


I hope the cacher reacts on your emails.



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