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New seasonial Attribute


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Στη νότια Γαλλία, ήταν η πρόσβαση σε δασικές περιοχές μπορεί να απαγορεύεται ή περιορίζεται.

Είναι επίσης αλήθεια, νομίζω ότι για την Ιταλία, την Ελλάδα, την Ισπανία, την Πορτογαλία και σε λίγα μέρη στη Βρετανία - και αλλού, δεν ξέρω.

Προτείνω να Groundspeak, ενημερώνοντας geocachers οι οποίοι δεν γνωρίζουν τους περιορισμούς αυτούς, η δημιουργία μιας νέας "χαρακτηριστικό" (Επιβλέπων), ή "365" διαγράφεται, αναφέροντας κάπως σαν το "χαρακτηριστικό" χειμώνας πιθανή δυσκολίαπρόσβαση. Σας ευχαριστώ αν ενδιαφέρεστε να ψηφίσετε "ΓΙΑ" Παροχή πληροφοριών για το χώρο της Geocaching.com - προσοχή σε αυτό το νέο site θα έχει δέκα ευκαιρίες να ψηφίσουν για μια νέα πρόταση.

Σας ευχαριστώ (και ζητώ συγνώμη για την αυτόματη μετάφραση!)


New seasonial Attribute

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Yes there are on summer time cause the dangerous of fires and an attribute like this that you mentioned above will be useful for the Greek Geocachers who are the ONLY that hide caches in the forests and in the mountains. The most of the other caches that are hidden by the tourists of my country are placed in areas of their summer holidays where usually there are no restrictions.

So i voted today for the creation of the new attribute.

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In some areas, there are caches that are not safe to go and search during a season! Here in Rhodes, there are 2 caches that it is dangerous to go during winter, but only in special occasions! what I mean.... Prasonisi is an island that is connected with rhodes island by a sand road! as you can imagine, prassonisi is very very close to Rhodes island... and in maps it shows as one with Rhodes!


Anyway, during winter, and only for some days or weeks, the sand road is dissapearing and the island seperates again! Sometimes the water level is low...some times it is not! You have to be extremelly careful because the stream is very strong there and accidents happent in the past! In one of the caches that I am co owner, this thing is mentioned!


There is also an other cache in Filerimos mountain here in Rhodes! Everything is ok to go but you are not alloed to go uphill at night!!! There are firemen who are guarding and they will stop you!

It is not allowed to go there after 8 or 9 o'clock at night! They protect the area which has a nice small forest, but many antiqieties too from the ancient, Byzantine and medieval times! We had some big fires in rhodes in the past and actually we had one 2 days ago and they managed to control it yesterday! So....


Usually when a local cacher is placing a cache, and knows the area and the regulations it may have, he mention them... but we do not know everything! :D

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:lol: In case you want an other helpful information about a place that has caches here in Rhodes island, on your way to Prasonisi but on Rhodes island, you are passing a military area! there are signs that the area is dangerous! the road passes from there but if you just continue it is ok!


A part of the area is used by the Greek armed forces to make exercises with real weapons! Some times mortar shells, grenades etc, do not explode but they are still active! Greek army has people who mark these things and there is a special group that destroys them but this is not all the time and... there is always a chance that some were not discovered to be destroyed! Trust me I know... I found more than 100 mortar shells there... and I was once in the marking group....


anyway.... it will be good not to start exploring the area where you will see the big or small signs! Ok, the warning are in greek language but you will surelly understand that it is not safe to go there! Even if you find something strange there... do not touch it, do not take it and do not come near it!!! these things are so sensitive that can explode any time (or never! :lol: )!


all these are mentioned in the cache page that is near...


The tourist season is over here in the winter, but if someone visits this area, he must know when the area is open! local newspaers mention this, but since it is in greek.... but you can always ask! someone will probably know! :lol:

The whole area is closed (it is not allowed even to pass the sea area there!!!), from the army to make the exercises! So you will not be allowed to pass!

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