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Webupdater with Garmin 62s

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Just did a webupdater update for my Garmin 62s from Ver 2.4 to Ver 2.5. Everything appeared normal until the process completed. Unplugged unit from computer. Normally here it turns off. Then heart palpitations started. Unit hung at the startup page where Garmin is displayed with small blue triangle over n. Waited as palpitations continued, waited longer. Tried to turn off using on/off button. Nothing. More palpitations, started searching for manual update procedure. Finally removed battery, cursed thing finally went off. Re-inserted battery, normal startup, shows correct Version, loaded caches, all appears normal. Palpitations calmed down. Anybody else seen this?

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Yep... Mine seems a bit delayed on some loads.

I downloaded from gsak and it looked like nothing was deleted...so I did it again.

The second time, the old caches were deleted, but I couldn't see the 1700 new caches I had loaded.

So...I downloaded one more time. It looks correct now.


I used their website and the DASHBoARd to update my software. It worked the second time.


I guess as long as it works when I'm done, ...... I'm going caching. :)

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