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Geomate Jr. Update site crashes explorer

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Ok, so on my new Win7 64bit machine, every time I try going to the Geomate site to update my Geomate, it tries running something called dw20.exe from Microsoft and explorer crashes with unhandled exception errors.


I've tried with and without AV running and no luck.


They don't support Chrome, apparently, nor Safari. I tried in Firefox, followed the PDF to the letter and now Firefox will not run on this machine at all. Even after deleting Firefox and re-installing, it fails to actually run. Apparently, removing Firefox leaves something in the registry that I can't find, and so whatever screwed it up the first time is screwing it up for all eternity.


So, how exactly do I update my Geomate using Windows 7 64bit and IE? Or at all?


I never had this problem on my XP machine (which I now wish I had held onto...)


I've got a trip to Taipei tomorrow and I really wanted to take the geomate along and do some caching while I was in Asia... :blink:

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dw20.exe is a symptom, not the cause. Try a repair install of IE and/or going to Microsoft Update to get any fixes you're missing.


For Firefox, you probably have a corrupted profile. Start...Run %appdata%\Mozilla or %appdata%\Firefox & look for a Profiles directory to delete. Only delete if you don't otherwise Firefox and you were just trying it for that site.

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If it's useful (and not ungodly late), the Geomate.jr plug-in is not built as 64 bit. In any event, it won't run with 64 bit IE which I think has problems with other extensions/plug-ins as well. However,


I believe you can update the Geomate.jr on 64 bit systems using the 32 bit IE which is included at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe


Haven't tried it myself, since I don't have a 64 bit machine.

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