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please welcome Iowa to the Midwest


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I've got the power to move an entire state!


Based on this poll's overwhelming results, I just moved Iowa's location in the forum hierarchy. It was in the Great Plains area, and now it is here in the Midwest area.


Please change your relevant bookmarks and habits as needed. Please report any new threads that were accidentally placed in the wrong forum so that the moderator can make adjustments.


I will move the pinned thread about Iowaadmin's blog to the Midwest. Many older threads about Iowa will remain in the Great Plains forum, regrettably.

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I work with a lot of people on the east coast and I've had this exact conversation Twice.


Them: Hey, so where are you from?


Me: Iowa




Do you know where that's at?


Oh yeah, ...it's...out west.


uh-huh, Can you name a state it's near?


Well let's see, there's Chicago...


Chicago's not a state. <_<




Me: You got my ticket number yet?

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