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Will try the Gorilla glue that mixes with water tomorrow when I can buy some.

Incidentally... you probably just worded that poorly, but in case... you don't mix Gorilla glue with water. It gets all the moisture it needs from the air. It will also foam like crazy as it sets... practice on throwaway stuff first. The foaming doesn't happen right away, either, so don't do a quick test, decide you know how it will work, and then start gluing magnets to bison tubes or you may find yourself with an expensive mess on your hands.


The Gorilla glue I bought said you need to wet the surfaces before applying the glue. So I guess it does need some extra water?


I think it suggests that, yes. It can help with porous surfaces. But don't overdo it.

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Oh, actually I second that. . .I glued bricks together for a garden project with construction adhesive and 5 years later, they're intact.

Yup... large, flat surface area with plenty of texture are what construction adhesive was made for. Doesn't mean it will work well for gluing a magnet to a bison tube, though. That presents an entirely different problem.

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