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Help! On vacation and can't load caches into GPS

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I'm on vacation and have been looking forward to caching along the way. It has been working fine for the first 10 or so days. Now, I am encountering two problems, I can't imagine they are related but here goes:


- I can't see the maps on geocaching.com. Normally I use the "Map It" button to decide which caches to upload to my GPS. I click on it and get a blank white square. "Done, with errors on page." I have not changed any display settings on my computer.


- Caches won't upload to my GPS. It tells me my browser is not supported or that I need to reinstall the plug in for my unit.


One search I did tells me the geocaching website would automatically direct me to the right plug in. I don't know how or where to get it.


Any thoughts or assistance would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Hm. I have been using wifi at various campgrounds, but for the most part I am using the internet via a tether from my droid phone. I confess to some ignorance here, do not know who my ISP is in that regard.


Yes, thanks for gleaning that from the pics, it is a Delorme PN-40. I know now I can go to the website and download the plug in, I will try it.


BTW, at another campground with NO wifi and very weak phone signal ... they situation is looking more bleak by the minute!



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Yes, I have other functionality such as posting on the forums, and I can see the cache descriptions but it won't show me maps.


I reinstalled the plug in and enabled popups on the browser just in case, but when I try to upload a cache into the GPS, I still get this message: "Object doesn't support this property or method. You're using an unsupported browser or you need to reinstall the plugin."



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