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Worst swag?

Rick Bross

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Lighters. I never understand lighters. Oh, and a joint...wait, best or worst swag?


Well, if you got one or the other, it would be lame swag. If you got both, that could make it an awesome cache...


Am I the only one that thinks that would be extremely stupid to smoke something you found on a cache?

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I myself put an unusual piece of swag in a cache. It was an employee I.D. tag from an insane asylum from the 1940's. I found it among my late grandfather's belongings and thought others might get a kick out of it. That was about three years ago, and I often wonder where it is now...


You could have done a TB... I think that would be awesome! ;-)

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Oh man, I found 5 old smelly pennies that had some weird questionable substance on them, and a really worn down old rubber band. In another, I found an old expired ticket for a free bible, some piece of old soggy folded paper (not even origami, was just randomly folded up and then scribbled on with crayon) along with a wadded wet napkin. Oh, another also had an old, used expired bus pass from a year ago in it. Along with a lot of old, broken, smelly (seriously) mcjunk in it. Fun times there.

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Anything wet. I don't mean just a little damp but SOAKED. I found a cache once that was fairly large and had books and all kinds of neat stuff in it, to bad it rotted within a couple of days because it was so wet.


I also hate food. I recently saw a stash full of ring pops. Sealed in a bag atleast but before long it will get hot and humid here in Eastern NC and that cache won't be pretty anymore.

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I have one to add to this. A lottery ticket. More importantly, a used lottery ticket. Even more...a losing lottery ticket.


And then there's the one we found today. A winning lottery ticket. A winning lottery ticket that was worth $500. A winning lottery ticket that had yet to be claimed.


So we cashed it in.


Only to find...


It was a winning lottery ticket that had expired over two years ago.


I laugh about it, but that means somebody was sitting on a $500 lottery ticket that was never claimed.

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I myself put an unusual piece of swag in a cache. It was an employee I.D. tag from an insane asylum from the 1940's. I found it among my late grandfather's belongings and thought others might get a kick out of it. That was about three years ago, and I often wonder where it is now...


I would have loved to find that. I run a haunted house and this year's theme is an asylum. That would have been so cool to include into it. Now you've made me go look on ebay for something like that.

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I haven't found much swag so far, so not much bad stuff.. Probably the crappiest item would either be a nickel (mainly because there wasn't anything special about it, and a ticket stub for some movie that came out 6 months ago.


Would a book about buddhism be considered good swag or bad swag? (assuming it was bagged well enough to not get wet)

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3 highly scented mini soap bars, a tube of toothpaste, a travel size dandruf shampoo, a filthy tennis ball, 2 beer caps and a wine cork, all in the SAME cache. I did a big 'swag' swap on that one.


Sounds like the remains of someone's wild weekend away. Stolen soap shampoo and toothpaste from the hotel, a tennis ball from the hotel courts, and the alcohol remains that made the weekend wild! Nice.

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Oh I have a list.


-Condoms (not used)

-Tea Bags

-Mustard and Ketchup packets, along with other assorted condiments


-Perfume and cologne samples

-Broken electronics


-Can tabs and bottle caps (though I did find and leave a bottle cap necklace once)



I generally clean out anything unsanitary, edible, etc. Stuff that need not be in a cache, especially considering the whole activity is considered family friendly, I make sure get traded for things that are okay. It's utterly deplorable what some people seem to think is acceptable.

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a wet cigarette, restaurant receipts, rocks (plain boring rocks) and golf balls***.


***Now I realize lots of cachers would probably love trading for golf balls but golf balls in a cache is a pet peeve of mine only because St. Louis has so many golf courses with apparently really bad golfers that anyone can amass a golf ball collection just by hiking through nearby parks. Seriously if I had a dollar for every golf ball I walked by hiking I would be a millionaire. So anytime I see a golf ball in a cache I sigh and think "how original."***

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I can't remember the worst, but I hate it when some idiot puts in a business card from some real estate firm. And the card is wet. Aaah what do I care??? :huh: Oh yeah, and I hate when someone puts in ketchup and mustard packets inside. I remember one was ripped open and everything in the cache was covered in taco sauce....

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Like I mentioned in my previous post, that's really gross when someone messes up a geocache. But for all of you guys saying a ticket stub and stuff is bad, just remember, to the person that put it in there, that may have been a treasured item. Especially if a little kid put it in there. They have some really special things.

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Somebody said they found some Tequila in one of my caches :blink:

WOW. I can imagine a little kid finding that cache, opening it up and finding Tequila.... :laughing:


We found a full, unopened bottle of Alize in the woods once. Not in the cache, but close to it, stashed away in a hollow log, and covered in spiderwebs. It was delicious!

And further down the trail, there was a full can of chewing tobacco hidden in a tree stump. Strange place, I tell you...

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I'm always having to filter what my kids want to put in a cache. I've got 6&8 yr old boys, and they think that bottle caps and rocks they found on the trail on the way to the cache are the coolest things they've ever seen. So the bottle caps may be explained that way...


You have to remember that the wet/rusted stuff wasn't that way when it was put in - it's just the nature of outdoor activities.


Plenty of junk in caches, especially those that have been in existence more than a year. We try to keep a good stash of treasures to beef up depleted caches when we come across them - finding the treasure is my boys favorite thing in the world!

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I have not been doing this long but my daughter and I found one that had something like top ramen soup in it. It took up all the room in the box and I didn't think anyone should eat it so we took that out and replaced it with some cool stuff. Later that day we found one that had a marijuana bud in it. It was not big at all so no one would have gotten any use out of it. I used to like it back in the day and if it was enough for someone to use I might have left it but really small. I got rid of it but took the cool pin that had a leaf on it for our backpack collection. I didn't want our signature on it(last to find) with that left in there. I guess anything is fine as it is fun to go threw the stuff others left as long as it don't ruin the box and other swag. We have tuns of little stuff so we always fill up the boxes that are low on swag.


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I agree with some of the trash being useless but this isn't a get rich game. I've seen bottle caps as signature items and shell casings that were engraved with their geo name. No one likes to find complete garbage buy some of the things mentioned as bad are not necessarily trash. Think of them as odd collection items. ;)

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A damp, moldy old empty matchbox. I cleaned it out of the cache, and replaced it with some random actual swag (since the cache was pretty sparse at best anyway). I later received an email from the guy who left it there trying to justify leaving it... he claimed that he left it because 'some people collect matchboxes'.


Yeah, some people collect rocks, too... but a handful of gravel isn't exactly good swag. If 99% of the planet considers the item garbage, then maybe you shouldn't be banking on that other 1% to find the cache before your very moldable item gets moldy.

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I found a cigarette as well and promptly threw it away. I was glad I was not caching with my daughter when I found that. Other than that lots of food! Ask my 7 year old what the first rule of geocaching is and she will promptly tell you "don't eat anything out of a geocache" - seriously food???!!!

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Man I laughed reading this thread! It's comforting to know it's a universal thing. I've checked some of my caches to find all the swag gone, replaced with rocks from the cache site, leafs, or just plain emptied out. I got nothing on some of you guys (that pack of Rollos with the worm in it ~ yummy!)

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Leaves, flaky pebbles/stones, dirty twigs, slimy sweets and sweet wrappers. I don't think it's cute to have children swap those for nice, new clean toys, which is what was clearly happening. (soon after this, I noticed the same family that posted the 'let the kids do the swaps' on the nice items were following cachers who typically left good swaps. <_<


A soggy, mouldy party blower, ripped and chewed tennis ball.


Large, dirty, plastic lump of a MaccyD toy that was stopping the cache container from closing up.


Glass bottles with dodgy plastic stoppers filled with dodgier sample perfumes/after shave. :mad: They made my coat pocket smell for weeks.

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