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Garmin 62ST - Mapset issue

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Today I bougnt and unlocked a copy of City Navigator NT North America 2011 and created a mapset together with Topo Canada V4 and sent it to the SD card in my new 62ST. Now the prebuilt in topo is fine, but is older than V4 so I wanted to have the flexibility to toggle between the 2; I also need a street mapping program (CN NA).


Problem is that under the "select map" submenu I have only 3 choices: enable or disable: 1) Wordwide DEM Basemap, NR 2) TOPO Canada V2 (preloaded map in the unit) and 3) CN North America NT2011.2, Topo Canada V4.


The problem is that in 3, I cannot disable/enable CN North America NT2011.2 or Topo Canada V4 individually; it's either both or none. So for example if I wanted to disable everything else besides Topo Canada V4, I cannot do it as I cannot turn off CN North America only - I have to disable both.


In my old 60Csx, the ability to disable one of the maps was there, even though both are in 1 mapset.


Does anyone know if there any way to toggle between products in the 62ST mapset on the SD card or is this a software limitation/issue?

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With the newer Garmin units (Colorado, Oregon, Dakota, some nüvis, and I assume the 62 as well) it doesn't make sense to group several maps into 1 single img file anymore.

Create one image with City Navigator and name it accordingly (use something like CNNA2011.20.img), the other with Topo Canada (and name it TopoCanadaV4.img, or something you like), move them all to the Garmin folder on the unit or SD card and you can select and unselect individually.

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Does anyone know if there any way to toggle between products in the 62ST mapset on the SD card or is this a software limitation/issue?


In the release notes for the latest 62/78 firmware 1.5, Garmin changed the way map selections work- it is now per map file instead of per map.... so if you have multiple maps in a single IMG file, i think its all or nothing now... Of course i agree it's much easier to manage individual IMG files, but this will lead to some confusion for people used to it the old way!



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