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New Metal-based Pen

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you don't need a $30 pen, but by all means if you got the money try it


we use a Bic Velocity Gel pen for $1.25 and this thing doesn't smudge and writes on anything you can imagine, including soaked logs




Thanks, I have been looking for a good pen. I will try out the Bic Velocity. :)

The 30$ pen is a neat idea, but that is a bit much for me.

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How does the Bic Velocity Gel Pen compare to the Fisher Space Pen in effectiveness? (I know the FSP is more expensive, but the refills are more reasonable, and fit in inexpensive Bic pen bodies.)

I don't quite care for the Fisher Space Pen. The ink does not flow out as smoothly as I like, which is why gel pens are my favorite. I use the Pilot mini G2. Short (easy to carry), more comfortable to hold (compared to the mini Fisher) and ink flows smoothly. It does smudge on wet logs, unfortunately. But the ink will not run if it dries before the log gets wet (a few hours). Best part is that it is inexpensive enough that if I lose it, and I've lost plenty, I don't feel too bad.


I suspect the metal pen may have trouble with some kind of paper, esp. stuff like the National Geographic Adventure Paper.

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I got those rite in the rain pens for $9 each and I got 3 of them, they only had 2 so they sent me another style of the same brand and that one was better than the two (of the 3) I was gonna buy.


So I told them not to worry about exchanging, :D and I am happy.


Dunno what kind of cylinder the RITR pens use, but I'd bet they are similar to the FSPs... These pens are supposed to be able to write underwater, in the rain, upside down, sideways and on most papers and some surfaces.

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