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Going to England and Italy... looking for TB companions...


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We're planning on geocaching in England / Italy in the beginning of July. We'd like to take several bugs with us and bring several back. Kinda a foreign TB exchange program.


If you have a TB who has the urge to go overseas, let's see if we can get them to the San Fran area for boarding before July!

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While you are in Italy, if you happen to be in Tuscany, stop by this cache--"One Stupid Drunken Night" and retrieve this Travel Bug--"Noname." We left it there last September. No one has visited the cache since then. You might also enjoy trying to find the Easter Egg cache on Mt. Amiata. While you are on Mt. Amiata, have something to eat or a snack at the very top by the large cross, or consider a great lunch back down the road a mile or so at Il ghatto d'oro. I may have spelled that incorrectly. Anyway, the Golden Cat restaurant. icon_smile.gif

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Red Dragon - Thanks for all the cache tips. We're not exactly sure about where we'll be in Italy, but if we're in Tuscany we'll retrieve "noone" and bring him home.


This is great that people are recommending caches because we don't know which ones are worth going for.

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Originally posted by The Robot Family:

All TB's are welcome!


Unless they are in the nearby San Fran area, we'll need someone to send them to us directly or deliver them to a cache in the San Fran region for pickup.


Just let us know via email if you'd like to coordinate a delivery.


Actually I live in the east bay and I have a TB headed to Thailand... The Parson Panther


I'm in need of direction, I can't see the satelites for the trees there

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