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Help! Garmin 400t Died!

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I was loading a pocket query from my new GSAK software, and I think I might have deleted an exe file from my Colorado 400t, as it now turns on and gets hung up with the display only stating "Loading Maps" :huh:


I have removed the batteries several times to hopefully "reboot" but each time same result as above, with display stating "Loading Maps"


Also, when plugged into the USB and my laptop, it doesn't recognize that it is plugged in anymore.


Can anyone help provide some insight? Have I killed my Colorado? :P


Thanks in advance!

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After doing some research, I discovered that the proper term for my issue is that the GPS has "frozen."


Unfortunately, there is no Garmin customer support on weekends, which is good, because I don't really use my Colorado on weekends! :laughing:


The "good news" :sad: seems to be that this is a "common" :lol: issue with some of the Colorado units, and that either a "hard reset" over the phone with customer service will resolve the issue, or actually sending the unit in under warranty will facilitate the replacement of the unit.


This is an inconvenience to be sure, but it has pointed out to me just how much I rely on paperless caching, and how much I miss geocaching with out my Colorado.


I know I am addicted as I am actually thinking about looking for a back up unit....maybe one of those GPSX 60 units everone seems to have... :yikes:

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From Garmin FAQ's:


Question: How do I perform a Master Reset on my Colorado?



To perform a master reset on the Colorado*:


Power the unit OFF

Hold down the two Soft Keys and the Power button


Let go of the Power button when the GPS comes on, but keep holding the two Soft Keys


Release all buttons when you see the screen say, "Do you want to clear all user data?"


Select Yes


Continue with the setup answering the questions the GPS asks you

When you are finished, the unit has been master reset.


*Note* : This will erase ALL user information and bring the unit back to the factory default settings. Place the Colorado outside in a stationary position for 20 minutes in plain view of the sky so that it can re-acquire satellites.


Last modified on: 02/23/2010

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