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Garmin dakota 20 - how to delete caches

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Dunno if it's different, but on my eTrex 20 I have: Settings->System->USB Mode.

And USB Mass Mode is default. So I simply connect my device using an USB cable

to the computer and see the device storage folders in the "my computer" folder.


I have the Dakota 20. (Love it-the touch screen is fantastic) I have looked on my C:/ drive for Garmin-found it, but it will not open - the message is it may have been damaged or removed. I may need to contact Garmin to find out. I don't think it came with a disc

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I have just purchased a dakota 20, which I have managed to load some caches too and find the said caches but how do I now remove them from my device? :huh:

Also is the best way to load caches by clicking on the load to GPS logo next to cache and load them all individually, or is there an easier way.




Using the Send To method is the worst method to use and PQs (Pocket Queries) are the best. The Send To method creates one individual GPX file for each cache. This is undesirable because you must find the corresponding GPX file to delete found caches. Worst of all, the GPS is limited to 200 GPX files so you can only load 200 caches using the Send To method.


You can load 1000 caches with each PQ and it is only 1 GPX file. You can automatically filter out found caches in PQs allowing you to simply delete the old GPX files and paste the new GPX files. All found caches are gone.

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