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Geocoin Pictionary

Woyi and Waya
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I put the coin in front of me to be able to make it as bad as it is:




It's the side with the tracking code (not shown, of course), the other side you would probably consider the front, but it shows a blossom with 8 leaves, and I thought that would not be distinctive enough.


If you need hints, let me know.

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If you need hints, let me know.


Yes, please. :)



Coin from 2009


Edit: and nevadanick discovered one of them "at the 12-12-12 event in Palm Desert, Calif."


WOW ... wish I had a photo-memory ... :blink:


A cool coin now that I've seen the recent 'guess' ... but I've discovered and moved almost 1,500 trackables ... sure wish I COULD remember them all !~!~


This is worth a guess maybe...


Mississippi Geocacher's Association 2009 geocoin??




Awesome 'guess' ... looks like you win the cupie doll !! :D

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