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Whoo Hooo! Way to go Toojin, an old personal coin classic from 2006! A unusual icon is associated with this coin. Does anyone know what it is B) ?


Your up!


A frog? If that's correct, you're right, doesn't fit with an apple.


Should have been .... a worm ?? ... :lol:




edited for some 'fast facts' ...


This coin is the first personal geocoin for geocacher Applewomyn from Atlanta, GA. The front features a tree--a common shelter for caches. Whether a cacher finds a tree canopy a hindrance to his/her GPS reception or a source of respite from the sun during a summer hunt, most probably agree that planting a tree is good for the environment.


FACT: Over the course of 50 years, a single tree can:

•generate $31,250 of oxygen

•provide $62,000 worth of air pollution control

•recycle $37,500 worth of water, and

•control $31,500 worth of soil erosion


The back of the coin features a quote suggesting tolerance, which is stamped on a trademark apple. The coin has a satin nickel finish and is 1.5" in diameter. All coins are trackable on geocaching.com and share an icon with the "Little Hopper" micro coin. There were 125 minted and 100 are available for purchase. There may be an additional run with no more than 500 total minted.



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A frog? If that's correct, you're right, doesn't fit with an apple.


Should have been .... a worm ?? ... :lol:



Yep.. a frog ... looking at her "Hopper" coin she probably elected to save some $$'s and go with the same icon. :)

She has had quite a few great classics in her repertoire!.


Now we gotta figure out what Toojin is up to :P

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oooppsss!!!! Frog-ot all about this.


Here we go!




Oh my ... almost too EZ ... even I can guess this one ... :rolleyes:


but then ... maybe we need to know WHICH nerd ... :blink: ... ??




Can't believe Six Little Spookies didn't beat me to this one ... :lol:

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B) I'll wait a few days....




OK... can't believe this hung out so long!! One of the first 25 geocoins! Goblindust! B)




yep, that's it.


goblindust said "There were four versions made: 0 to 99, 100 to 199, 200 to 299 and 300 to 399 I think. first ones were all metal, second ones were glow in the dark, third had a heat changing cover on part of them (but it died after a while) and the last were an irregular, rough finish to them."


mine is #92.


back to you...

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