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How close can a cache be to...


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Maybe the information that you seek is in (http://support.Groundspeak.com//index.php) The Groundspeak Knowledge Books linked on the bottom of every page of Geocaching.com


I didn't know about them. The stuff at the bottom of the page makes me react as I do to adverts - especially with the Choose a language being so in your face - thus I completely ignore it unless I'm looking for "Contact us". Could be useful now I know about it.

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How close can a new cache be to an archived/retired/ex cache?


I'll toss in that IF a cache is archived/retired/ex... It should have been removed from the field... not left as litter.

The caution would be that there are other listing services, and the owner may be listed on another one still! So the container might still be in place and ACTIVE... well available, since I hear they don't get a lot of action...


Doug 7rxc

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