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lumber jack mac, welcome to the forums. You asked a good question.


For us to recommend a good GPS for you, a couple of questions need to asked.


1) What is your budget?

2) What will you use the unit for? Just geocaching or something more like hiking, biking etc

3) Is paperless geocaching something you want?


The forums here are great but also have a flood of outdated information when you use the search feature.


Any GPS unit on the market today will get you to the cache.


My personal recommendations

low end GPS unit: Garmin Venture HC

mid priced GPS unit: Delorme PN-30 or PN-40

you got money to burn GPS unit: Garmin Oregon 550


But those are just my personal preferences.


Best wishes.

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I have to agree with others who have posted. It is very hard to decide on a gps. Haven't tried the new Garmin 62 or the new Delorme PN 60 but can say I used the Nuvi 350 at first and it did a fair job but wasn't really that easy to hold in hand while looking for the cache. I do like an auto one for getting to a location then a hand held one for the final find. I have both the Garmin GPSmap 60CSX and I like it. I also have the Delorme PN 40 and I like it too. If you read other post re the PN 40 it does eat batteries. I used the litumin and regular batteries both and I can't tell much difference. Used the Garmin 60csx and I don't think I have replace the batteries yet. The Garmin is larger screen and that is nice. As far as accuracy, it all depends on where you are. Sometimes we find the PN 40 is more accurate than the Garmin and other time the Garmin is more accurate then the PN 40. I like the paperless caching with the PN 40. Both are good units in their own way. You can find both of these units on sale at times and that what we did. Good luck. It is a hard decision. We stressed for some time over it. Decided on the PN 40 first but after getting it, we found the 60csx on sale for a good price and bought it that way my husband and I both have a unit to use.

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I prefer the Garmin's. I own a 60CSx and love it. I wanted to be paperless so I purchased a used Dell Axim 5 PDA for $35 and Cachemate software for $8.


I have read a lot of good information about the "paperless" receivers but for my geocaching needs the 60CSx and the PDA were exceptional values and make my geocaching experience fun and easy.

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Good question -- but wrong place to ask. You might as well walk down a street asking people what is the best church to attend.


As several folks already mentioned, there's a "What Should I Buy" thread pinned at the top of the forums with pointers to model comparisons. Geocaching.com also has these resources to help people select a GPS:


Guide to buying a GPS: http://www.geocaching.com/about/buying.aspx

GPS Reviews: http://www.geocaching.com/reviews/gps

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as already stated this is a verry difficult question to answer.

i would suggest being patient and taking your time or you will find yourself with a unit that falls short of what you want from it.

find local events and go to them as ask others what they use and what they like about theirs. what they dont like as well as see if you can use the units. this way you have actual experience with them. even if for a few minutes time.

as was said what will it be used for?

caching, on road, hiking, biking, on the water?

do you want paperless caching, routable maps, custom map options.

touch screen or not?

spoken directions are hard to come by on handheld units, but i do believe there is a lawrence that has that.


compass wanted? magnetic or one that only is useful when you are moving as it uses gps coordinates to give you direction?

there are many questions to ask yourself.



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