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Best way to attach a TB to a toy

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The best we've found is to do this:

-drill a 1/8th inch hole in the object

-cut the chain down to a shorter length

-thread the chain thru the hole and epoxy it in really good from both sides

-attach the tag to the chain

-crimp the connector together and epoxy the chain ends in it


It might seem like overkill, but it will hold for a long time.


Good luck!

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From the longevity clinic


Here is good way to reproduce the garage cable idea. Go to your local home store, in the hardware dept ( garage door repair section) get 1 foot lengths of cable ( smaller if you want ), or buy a length in bulk and cut to size, with heavy duty wire cutters, get a couple of the ferrel fasteners ( usually in two pack ). Cut the cabl to desired length, insert thru tag and item. Insert the ends thru the ferrels, keeping the cable ends just inside the ferrle.Use a hammer, set the ferrel (crimp), crushing the ferrel locks the cable in place. I'll attach a how pic soon. Sf1

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Check your local Ace Hardware store.


I use a 1/16 gauge stranded cable and ferrules. About 26 cents per foot and the ferrules are about 54 cents each.







Thanks for the photos! The Matchbox car does have plastic windows, so I think I will pop them out and then head to the hardware store <_<

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To crimp the ferrules you only need a good set of pliers but I recommend using at least a 10 inch lineman pliers (Craftsman of course) so you can apply a lot of force easily. You'll probably only want to crimp one side at a time and the lineman pliers are wide enough to get the whole side at once.


You want to cut the cable as 'clean' as possible so you don't have loose threads that can make it hard to stick through a small hole, (Plus those threads hurt when they stick you in the finger). The lineman pliers can do a good cut but I also like having a set of pincers on hand. You may have to undo some work and the pliers may be too big to do some careful cutting.


I like to start by crimping a ferrule on one end of the cable first and then stick several feet of cable through whatever I'm securing. You may only need two inches of cable, but do you want to hold two inches of metal cable in a circle, a set of pliers and crimp a ferrule all at the same time? (No, you don't.)


And be careful if you cut just the tip of the cable, it'll fall apart into tiny little wires. You don't want to step on those later so cut over a work tray or dinner plate.

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