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Where in Long Island ?


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I think we need a new thread to discuss where New Jerseyans would like to visit on Long Island, other than the Hamptons, Montauk and Jones Beach --Where we would find caching to our liking. I started a new thread to avoid stomping all over Bill's 10-10-10 thread. Looking for parks with a developed trail system and not extreme distance wise, say one hour from GWB.


We have a suggestion from Hallycat:


Have you done Massapequa Preserve? Take LIRR to Massapequa Park station. Also Tackapusha, which is Seaford. Both have trails and water.
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C'mon, an occasional puzzle cache is good for the grey matter. Geocaching can't be all hamstring and gastrocnemius :)


To add to the substance of this thread ;) , I suggested Rocky Point Pine Barrens earlier as a good destination for caching on LI.

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West Hills is a nice area with plenty of caches, I like it better that the Massapequa Preserve - http://coord.info/GC2C3NT. If you hit the GW early enough it shouldn't take more than an hour to get there.


The further east you go the better it gets. Then again ticks and chiggers can be pretty bad out east this time of year. I'd steer clear of the Rocky Point area until the buggers are good and frozen.

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For some reason I thought you needed public transportation hence the Massapequa Park Preserve. Something you said about Sunrise Highway I guess. West Hills is definitely nice having the highest point on Long Island (which isn't saying much), so is Muttontown Preserve http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...60-403320dd7499

Stillwell Woods and north to the Greenbelt near Cold Spring Harbor where you can get great views of the harbor itself.



Too bad Bill didn't take my suggestion and make his event a different date, you could have combined a trip to LI with a trip to West Hills and an event.


These are staying within Nassau, western Suffolk so as not to take you too far out.


ETA, it's ON Long Island not IN Long Island. :)

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Stillwell is great if you bring the bike, Muttontown (lots of horse trails) not so bike friendly but very cool to hike around. It used to be someone's estate, now it's cachers heaven. Massapequa Preserve is another bike friendly park. Long trails, rail trail flat. A little further east is Blydenburgh, cache rich and nice but sandy trails around a big lake. Cathedral Pines is another nice park but ticky this time of year. That's the problem with anything east of William Floyd. Like Jeepster said, chiggers are bad out there and I've learned the hard way to let them have the woods until the frost. Another cool bike riding park is Edgewood Preserve. The state blazed miles of bike trails in there, all easy riding.

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Of course, being a Jerseyite, I realize that Long Island is an island! Brooklyn and Queens ARE on Long Island! :P Prospect Park can be fun, and so can Flushing Meadows. Even Far Rockaway! Muttontown Preserve can be fun, and the same with West Hills. But I'm not a bicyclist. I usually end up around Old Westbury. Ooh! I see and EarthCache at North Port Washington! Have to go for that the next time I'm on the Island.

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