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Broken incorrect url


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This has been posted here because the Satisfaction site will not let me. It tells me I am logged in but when I post this issue/problem it tells me I need to log in, which by the way when I try it tells me I already am.




Adoption of cache link coming up wrong. This is the second time I have noticed this issue. When adopting out caches you recieve an adoption request email, open email and it tells you the cache that is up for adoption with its url link (which matches) a message from owner and then 'If you would like to ...... visit following url. But guess what the second url is different to the first one. See example below. This is one of the email I recieved that is all wrong. That second url takes me to the adopt a listing page but tells me the cache name is The only way is up GC1P2NT.


Tablelands Cachers would like you to adopt their listing:

BEEware (Multi-cache)


Message from the owner:

Event is over so time to hand these out.

If you would like to accept this adoption request, visit the following URL:


If you wish to decline the adoption request there is no need to respond.

Profile for Tablelands Cachers


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Where as the second link for me takes me to the Adopte a listing page also but for a different cache, not the same one as the first link takes me to. As said this is the second time I have seen this. It is not a worry for me but just thought they may be interested in it.


Oh and have finaly got it listed on that other site.

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