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Wyatt Earp's own cointest - winner announced in post #785

Laval K-9
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We have a winner..... Gatoulis with the exact number 2268






Congratulations Gatoulis! :D


It took me a little while to post that we had a winner because I checked all the previous posts to make sure it was the first time that number was chosen.


Thanks to all for participating. It has been a lot of fun and I should admit that the last few hours were a bit stressful :D


Send me your address Gatoulis and Wyatt will go to the post office and mail your coin :P

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:P I was worried after 250 posts!!! I thought I was way out of my plans! :D


you can not imagine how is my office (where my PC is) now! I have 3 A4 sheets of paper full of numbers that were already posted, numbers that were still free....


I finished a big number of 20**, all the 21**, and the 22** and I was still going!


I had carculations at first for a 3 digit number but I didn;t know the size of the dogfood, and if the ammocan was from a 30 calliber or 50! (small or big one)


then I saw the hints... I made carculations that I will live (hope for more but...) until 85-86.... so I started listing from 2061 and after! then I saw that there were Shari's kids in too, so.... I left the numbers from 2061 until 68, with exceptions the 66 and the 67! I do not even remember if there were already taken or if I posted them but the other numbers stayed free! :D


Well.... you can not imagine how happy I am now! :D


Wyatt is a very good dog and well behaved! I saw that in your post that he didn't touched the food in the ammocan! good!!!! :D


I enjoyed the "fight" in the last pages with goldbuggirl and the other cachers! It seems that GBG had a list too! if not she is GOOD!!!! :D I really enjoyed that!!! :D


My address will be sent right away!!! :D Thank you so much for the great cointest! :D

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Congratulations, Gatoulis! Enjoy your coin! And thank you, Wyatt, for this cointest!


My dear GBG! Sorry I do not know your name! :D I am Nikos! :D


I really enjoyed the "fight" we had in the game! It was so funny!!! :D Many times I or you were taking the same number at the same time!!!! WOW!!! :D Amazing!!! did you also had a list with numbers? :P

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CONGRATS NIKOS!!!!!!!!!!!!


:D My sweet Shari!!! :D how are you? thank you my friend! It was hard but worth it!! :D

This will be the first dog in the cat house! :P I like dogs too so... he is welcome!!! :D


I saw that you were born in 1969??? My sister was born in 1969 too!!! On February 16th! :D


Alisa is already 16?? she is a young woman now! WOW!!!

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Thank you goosefraba my friend!!! :D


WOW I just realized that Supper woman had the 2267! WOW!!!


Hmm... I am wondering... Laval K-9..... you counted 2268 of them without a mistake??? WOW!! I am losing count even if I hear a sound or someone talking! :D


I remember once, I was counting some euro coins from my collection to see how many euros I have there (I am taling about coins from 1 cent until 2 euros...), and my father came and sat next to me and he was counting how much money we have to pay in some bills! HUH!!! I lost counting and I do not know why and how, I started counting from the numbe my father came up! So... when I ended I had a crazy number of euros and I was socked because I was almost sure that they were nto many! :D I had to count them again!!!! :P


well... there is a joke with someone who owed money to an other guy! Let's say it was 20 dollars... he had bills of 1$ so he started counting... 1,2, 3, 4, 5..

At that time the clock started ringing...

-what time is it?

- 7!

Oh!!! 7??? ....8,9,10, 11, so... how is your child? Is she good? I saw her she is a big girl now... how old is she?

- she is 16!

- oh!!! 16!!!!, 17, 18, 19, 20! here you are!!! Now I owe you nothing! :D


Of course in the joke the money were more and the tricks were more too... :D

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Congrats Nikos!!! I'm very sure Wyatt's Coin will have a great place in your heart and home!!!


I stopped guessing at the wrong time today. Was into doing logs for a 210 finds weekend (Aug. 28 & 29) and didn't want to lose my ambition!!!


Thanks to Laval K-9 (and Wyatt) for this really fun Cointest!!!


Does Wyatt get to "nibble the kibble" NOW???!!!


GeoCharmer81 (AKA Kelly)

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My dear GBG! Sorry I do not know your name! smile.gif I am Nikos! smile.gif


I really enjoyed the "fight" we had in the game! It was so funny!!! biggrin.gif Many times I or you were taking the same number at the same time!!!! WOW!!! biggrin.gif Amazing!!! did you also had a list with numbers? wink.gif


That was a nail-biter for sure, and you were a worthy competitor, Gatoulis! Yes, I did have a grid made up, and I was checking off numbers like crazy, LOL. The things we do for little round discs of metal--we're nuts! Have you noticed how many great coins have come out lately? I am a relatively new collector, so I'm just trying to keep up, and GCF is only a few days away--that means even more great coins will be out there!


I hope you can post a picture of Wyatt's coin when you get it. It's such a great coin--I know you'll treasure it. I'll try to post a photo of the coins I'm getting this week--they'll knock your socks off!


BTW, I'm Judy, and it was nice to meet you. Congratulations again on your win.

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