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Proposed Tag Change - Plastic?


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A lot of the stuff I wanted to say has already been written but I just wanted to go on the record.


Metal is best. There will be confusion with new plastic tags. They need to be kept the same. Metal looks better and go hold up better.


I disagree on only selling "Tracking Numbers" - It would get more confusing because nothing would look the same and you may not be sure if it is a travel bug or not.



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Ok, call me old fashioned, or even resistent to change, but I personally don't like the idea of a plastic bug. A plastic bug seems, well, cheap. After all, isn't that the point of making them plastic, to make them cheaper? The metal bug in its present form is a simple, clean, classic design. This definitely falls into the category of: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Fact is, it ain't broke. Fact is, the present design and construction serves the intended purpose well. Fact is, different bug designs, having both metal and plastic in circulation could very possibly promote confusion, especially among new members. Fact is, given a choice, I believe that most people would order the metal bug over plastic, even if the plastic one is cheaper. I know I would. I own 11 bugs, and have given several away. The cost isn't that prohibitive, but we also have to look at the overall economics of the situation. Cheaper bugs means that there will be more in circulation. We could actually have a flood of bugs, thus diminishing the bug's appeal. Let the current bug be, and please, please don't sell just the number!!!



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There will still bugs with metal tags and those bugs will, if nothing, be more rare and thus more special. You are not obligated to move a bug no more than you are obligated to trade. If you think a bug is "cheap" then don't fool with it. Simple.


In fact, the metal tags are lacking. It's the reason so many go missing. The design is pretty, but not as functional as it can be. Why else are people adding instructions to the bug?


There are some of us using only the number. Why should we have to pay for something we don't use, namely the metal tag?


Tagless TB numbers is something many of us have long waited for.



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We're using Groundspeak's website to track and log TB's, whether they're tagged or tagless. I have no problem paying a bit of money for the service. Perhaps the tagless numbers could be part of the subscription fee... sign up and you get a free tracking number to put on anything you want.


I haven't subscribed to Groundspeak yet only because I haven't had time to look over the agrement.

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I wouldn't mind trying the plastic ones. I spray the metal travel bugs and my brass Taz Tokens with a clear polyurethane spray to protect them, and I would probably do the same for the plastic ones.


-Taz icon_smile.gif


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Change can be good, but the metal is very classy and ditinguishable. I have tags for my dogs and I have to continuouly replace them because the info wears out. Will these new tags be be very inexpensive? Under a dollar? Will the old tags still be available at the same price? Also have you considered a micro bug tag. I have though of cutting one, so only the number will show. Is this okay?


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Travel Bugs, Geo-Coins...they are all basically the same thing..some cost a bit more, some a bit less...If they decide on makeing Tags Plastic...it's just another "traveler"


For those interested in just the number...I heard that UPS sells tracking Numbers for $3, but I couldn't find confirmation of that...


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Should the plastic TB tags be cheaper for GC.com to make does this mean that their savings will be passed on to cacher/consumers? What will be the price difference if there's to be any difference at all?

I like the metal tags - it's the dog tag look, it really fits nicely with tromping through the woods in para-military gear, even if the tag IS connected to a cute, fuzzy, pink troll.


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I'm all for choice, but I have to agree with many of the prior posts which discuss the "quality" appeal of the metal bugs, and the value of them not being too common.


I think the current price range is fine - making them more accessible (cheaper) doesn't seem to have a lot of benefit given their current $4 price is within most people's reach.


I'd be willing to pay more for metal tags because I like 'em. If it's hard to justify them due to expense, then raise the price of metal (but keep it < $10), and add a cheap option for tracking # only or number + plastic tags for a slight cost increase.


My $.02 icon_smile.gif

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I don't know if this has been stated yet as I skimmed through everything. I don't think plastic travel bugs are a bad idea as long as they are very sturdy and imprinted. If they are just printed the printing could come off with normal wear. And make sure it's a plastic that doesn't become brittle over time. That could be a problem. (like a bucket I use for planting is now so brittle I can't move it)

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We're now considering using a laser to imprint the tags, which would be a significant savings (yes, passed on to you). Or, stamp them ourselves.


It's really the expense of creating a unique number for each travel bug that is the difficult part. You need something (and someone) to stamp each tag.


After all the debate I think we should do our best to maintain the metal tags for travel bugs. We'll continue to research cheaper methods to imprint each tag to bring the costs down.


Thanks for everyone's input! I'll bring up other questions in the future with suggested changes to the design for your feedback.


smile.gif Jeremy Irish

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Originally posted by Jeremy:

... I think we should do our best to maintain the metal tags for travel bugs. We'll continue to research cheaper methods to imprint ...

This is quite good to hear! I;m glad metal is here to stay. Thanks for checking in on this thread.


-- I am looking for cache recommendations for Salem, Mass. Got any?

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