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USA Geocoin 10911 Your opinions

Eric K
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I have the USA Geocoin 10911 and due to the number 9/11 I was wondering what I should do with it.


I was thinking of putting it up for bid on E-bay but don't know if that would seem tacky.


I was also thinking of instead of selling it releasing it myself with some message with the significance of 9-11.


Any ideas, opinions?


Thanks in advance.


Get your trackable USA geocoins at http://www.usageocoins.com

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But allowing others to remember the way the events changed our lives would be a good thing.


I got a coin that looks like a geocoin, that really looks nice. I put it in a cache and said to keep it moving along. On the coin there was a flag with the words "Remember 9-11". I got this coin from someone who was in the Coast Guard and it was given to his whole unit.



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