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Adding maps to Garmin

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My maps were working fine, but then after the Beta, all my maps (topo, metroguide,Ibycus, and Ontario trails) all show up together to enable or disable. Before I could enable them all seperate. Do I need to re install and if so, can I add them seperate, and can I add more as I'm using the garmin Gpsmap62s. Is there no limit like the 60, except the size of the memory card? Lots of questions, but it will help me get set up like I want it to be.

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I've never heard of that happening. Try a master reset and see what happens. Can you post a screenshot of the map selection page.


There is no limit is size of maps. The number of total tiles is limited to 4000. Each map file cannot be over 4 GB, but you can have multiple map files.

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