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Some missions are very specific, like "I want to go to the XYZ cache placed by my friend, Joe Cacher." Drop the bug off in that cache.


Some missions are more general, like "I want to go to Hawaii." Leaving the bug at any cache in Hawaii fulfills the mission.


Some missions are themed, like "I'm an airplane, so I want to visit caches near airports" (so you pick any cache near an airport) or "Add a keychain to my collection of keychains and move me along."


Once the mission is completed, it is up to the owner of the bug to decide what to do next. The owner can change the mission on the bug page (and perhaps get a helpful local geocacher to affix a new instruction sheet to the bug). Or, the owner can ask that the bug be mailed back to him by a helpful cacher.


If you are holding a bug that is about to reach its goal, but are uncertain as to exactly what to do, the best advice is to e-mail the bug owner before doing anything with the bug.



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