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Difference between Cachekinz and Travel Bug?


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We are relatively new at this and purchased what we thought was a travel bug. We attached a "bus" to it and put it in a cache. Someone picked it up and said "Thanks for the cachekinz, I have never seen this kind before." The way it was written sounded like he/she was going to keep it as if it is a treasure. It was our first travel bug and it has now been a month and hasn't been dropped. Do you keep a cachekinz or has this person just not dropped it. It hasn't traveled anywhere so I was just wondering what the difference was.


Thanks so much!

The Dismukesfamily

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they work the same, they're kind of a hybrid between TB and geocoin, and they're meant to be moved just like all other released trackables.


judging from their profile, it looks like the person who took it just hasn't been caching since then. you can always send them a message and ask them to drop it somewhere.

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. It hasn't traveled anywhere so I was just wondering what the difference was.


Thanks so much!

The Dismukesfamily


Snoogans' TB longevity strategy #1. Drill a great big friggin hole in it to eliminate any collectible qualities of your TB.


OK. I only have a few TBs of my 108 in circulation, but I have captured enough to know what works and what doesn't.


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Looking at their profile, it doesn't look like they've dropped any of the TBs they've picked up. Perhaps they just don't know what to do...? We have a TB in the hands of another such collector ourselves and know how frustrating it is. Condolences and maybe it'll work out. A friendly reminder letter certainly can't hurt.

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Thanks everyone. I did send them a friendly reminder saying that my daughter is really looking forward to watching it travel. I haven't heard anything back. But we will see.

Thanks again!

Reading some of their other logs for TB's they have picked up, I get the feeling they are aware of the purpose of a TB...


On the email front, give them a chance to see it, they may not check things daily!

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